Tuesday, 25 October 2011

first REAL blog

This is my first real paragraph of my new blog. Not really sure what to write about,as I have been "house bound" for 3 weeks,after falling and severely spraining my right ankle. On top of that,I also pulled the ligaments,which aggrevated an old injury of the same nature to the same foot, about 30 years ago......but I digress.

I was fitted with an "air boot" which enables me to walk, and remove, as I see fit.When I try to go without said "air boot", I usually pay for it the next day. Today,I decided to head out....no boot...and get some halloween candy, for the trick-or-treaters. Made out pretty well,I must say. Even stopped by to see my friend who has been housebound for 7 weeks already,and is going out of her skull.....

When I arrived back home, I took some pictures of the fall flowers....ahhhhhhh flowers...my favorite subject.

I even managed to find a caterpillar making his way to wherever!!

Have a great day.....

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  1. Oh this is so wonderful that you've started and I'm delighted that MY SKULL was in your first post! Yeah! I particularly like my teeth! Anyway, good luck with the blog. Everyone will enjoy your photography and great sense of humour. Keep up the good work!


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