Monday, 28 November 2011

Did Someone Mention Beach Glass???

 On one of of my previous posts, one of my friends asked if I had ever found any Beach Glass on our beach at the lake? I responded "you have given me another idea"

So, last weekend, I took some shots of our sea glass collected, during our 15 years at the lake.

My husband finds most of it, and he always presents it to a coveted prize!

A few pieces of my amber glass collection holding sea glass.
This is a stone with holes...a golf tee...and....wait for it....small green piece of beach glass!

The colours are amazing...from the pale aquas, to the deep greens. My favorite is the turquoise colour......very soft and tranquil 

You will notice the deep blue ones, mixed in with the white pieces

This particular milk glass  dish holds odd shells and claws we have found, along with old long fish bones

These are also from the beach...I found the soldier saluting, with no head!

 Except for the green lighter, and the Pez (purchased at a local sally ann), everything is from the beach...even the tiny retractable tape measure, and the acorns!

Aside from the eclectic mix of sunglasses, the pumpkin stalk, bones guessed it...from the beach!!
I just threw in this picture of these vintage cook books to keep you on your toes!!!

                                              I hope you enjoyed my treasures from our beach!



  1. Oh that spectacular sea glass! It's like a beach museum! What funny finds you have. Still love the glass best :)

  2. The sea glass is beautiful! What treasures get tossed up on that beach of yours! It must be so much fun after a storm to go down to the water and search for amazing things amongst the rock. Next time you are going to take me! My word verification is 'triptol'. Sounds like I will be tripping down the beach!


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