Thursday, 10 November 2011

Finally............ some Fall Yard Work!

Usually by this time of the year, I have put both the cottage garden(massive job) and my home garden to rest. But with the ankle injury, I have been hard pressed to get any yard work done....if any! I also have a few annual plants that I like to bring indoors to over-winter. I finally made some time today, to do JUST that.
As I wandered around the yard, I had to take a few photos. 
Who knew that the variegated eunonymous had such beautiful dainty berries?
The Ivy is nearly bare...only a few berries and leaves left
The Finches and Chickadees love to nibble on the coneflower seeds all winter long
These Geraniums will make their way inside. They will continue to bloom, usually into January
There seems to be an endless supply of pink mums....
The Hydrangeas just get more beautiful
Hopefully, I will be able to return them to the out doors next Spring
These spikes are going into their 3rd year, so they will get bigger and bigger 

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  1. Nice work. I appreciate the effort it takes to put the gardens to bed for the winter. I am still pottering on the sunnier days. I think there may be snow soon!


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