Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Like To Call It The Travelling Garden

 A few years ago, my neighbour at the lake...Matt...asked me if I wanted an old wagon he was throwing out. He had built it many years before, and had used it with his 2 daughters (who are now grown and have children of their own). Nobody at his place wanted it, and  he knew I planted in anything I could get me hands on, so I gratefully accepted the challenge.

This is the original one he gave me. I started with perennials and added annuals for more colour

We then realized we had our son's wagon at home in the garage doing nothing, so off it went and got planted up!
The Ribbon Grass and woodland Geraniums come back every year, and then I just add the annuals
Hostas and Sedums do very well

As you can see, they are really attractive...I move them around to give some colour where needed. When I am not there during the week, I always move them into a shaded area, so they can remain lush and green.

I will take some shots of them in the Spring ...   (ahhhhh spring)... the perennials look really cool when they first  emerge. I am only planting in about 3 inches of soil, so it is a challenge indeed!!                   Enjoy!!!!     :0)



  1. That is a fabulous idea and perfect for your setting. I love wagons.

  2. So cool! Love the wagons spilling over with flowers and grasses! Do you line the box with anything?

  3. Nancy Jane Louise24 November 2011 at 17:59

    "As you can see they are really attractive". I can hear your voice in that statement....perhaps on a podium doing a horticulture seminar.


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