Thursday, 3 November 2011

Yesterday At The Lake

 We decided yesterday,  as it was supposed to be gorgeous day, that we would take a drive to the cottage, and do some yard work.
On the way, we stopped at our favorite fish and chip shop in Beamsville,for a double order of fries. The Asian lady who runs the place, is most pleasant,and offers up a HUGE cardboard box, loaded with fresh, hot, salty, malty vinegary fries. Delish!!! Next trip, I will take a pic, so you can enjoy them as well!   :o)
the view down the walkway always makes me feel welcome

The colors are still so vibrant...from the soft pinks

to the saucy reds

to the creamy hot pink
still looking green and lush
me!!!! with a face full of sun

A bright, shiny, sticky Chestnut branch bud,ready for next spring

Foot prints on the beach

waves gently lapping on the shore

Greg catching up on the local news...the monthly farm report!!!

The last of  the summer tomatoes

the happy couple,relaxing in the sun after  the chores were all done
sharing a laugh
Hope you enjoyed "yesterday at the lake" as much as we did.


  1. I could feel the sun, smell the flowers and the lake, and I soooo wanted to be there, too! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh how lovely that we get to visit and you do all the work! I do appreciate all that goes into this gorgeous landscape. Thanks for sharing. Love the pics!


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