Friday, 23 December 2011

Made My Festive Table Arrangements

Nearly there.......yesterday I visited our local greenhouse, and picked up a few bunches of festive flowers. They were already out of most of the red flowers, so I opted for white, mixed with pale green and some orangey-reddish roses.

I used 3 of my vintage scallopped-edged milk glass containers. I always use "oasis" as they keep the flowers good for at least 10 days.
This year I inserted the candles into the oasis, as I sometimes end up with "too many" candles on the table....although, I don't ever think you can have "too many" candles...except when there is no room for the all important gravy boat!!!

I think they turned out very well indeed!

Now, all I have to do (well....not ALL) is iron my tablecloth and napkins...set the table...get the china out...stuff the stockings...cook the turkey...make the dressing...bake  the ham...peel the veggies...make the cheesecake...still make the meatballs...few more presents to wrap...find something to wear...

No wonder Santa only works 1 day a year!!!

Hopefully 1 more post before the big day..

Take it easy...until then...

Cheers!   :O)

Have a great day.......


  1. I'll be right over. You only need two of those :) Watch out....Santa Claus is coming to town.

  2. These are gorgeous! I know where Erica gets her talent from! You + flowers = fabulous arrangements!!

  3. Ooo those are such lovely arrangements!I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Sandy xox


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