Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Once Again....My Thoughts Turn To The Garden

Now that the hub-bub of Christmas has passed...:o(...
my thoughts turn once again to my passion....gardening..

This day I would like to showcase what I call "my Beach Drawer Vegetable Garden" named, as I had taken an old bedroom dresser of my daughters, from when she was a child, to the lake.


As usual. I did not want to waste any part of it. I put the body of the dresser, behind my garden shed, to hold things there. I reworked the drawers, by filling with soil, and planting veggie seedlings in them, on the beach. They are protected under the shade of my mulberry tree.I also filled an old wicker planter that I had found by the roadside.


I don't plant a lot of fancy stuff...
just the usual...small tomatoes..
green peppers...gourds...zuccinni...
and for some reason, extremely HOT
red peppers!!!

The zuccinni do really well, and the tomatoes do as well. Putting out pretty
little yellow flowers before the fruit.

These gourds were crazy!!!! had tons of them, and they also have a very delicate pretty white flower. I have a photo of my daughter with an "armful" of them...

The tomatoes are a best seller....just keep flowering and putting out fruit

These are the "hot" ones I mentioned...not next year!!

Tried cucumbers this year

Can you believe this is as big as they got!!!

Cute as buttons!!!!

Not much of a meal, though! 


the zuccinnis...gorgeous
flowers and delicious as well!! 
How adorable are these??
These are 3 little squash (and I mean little!)

And 2 bottle neck gourds...pretty impressive, eh??

Aren't they a proud little bunch?

And in the Fall...close to Halloween...I can display them for all to see!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my re-visit to my somewhat small, but cute...
                 Beach Drawer Garden........:o)


  1. What a great idea for using a bunch of drawers!! Glorious garden produce, too! Those adorable gourds and tiny tomatoes make a wonderful place for the cheeky jumping frog to land in amongst!

  2. Yowser! We've been a little busy here, but I could really enjoy a salad after reading this! Freezing rain is coming in now...hope you are safely home from the lake :)


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