Monday, 5 March 2012

As Promised....

When I visited the greenhouse last week I picked up a bunch of pink/white tulips.

I promised a photo once they opened up...

Don't they look spectacular!!! 

The colour is perfectly with the tiniest hint of white....

And of course....another bunny to display them....

This is my Crown Of Thorns that I have had for at least 7 years....I recently moved it to my living room window, where it gets the morning sun....and it is doing really well there....lots of new leaves and some flowers...I have put it outside in the summer, where it really shines!!
And this shot is for Leslie and Devon.....this is one of my larger Christmas Cacti.....the lovely deep peach one....blooming like crazy.....with my little elf standing guard!!

                      Gonna get warmer mid-week...
               Lets see some smiles out there!!!!
Share some of your houseplants....what works best...what are flops.....good tips on watering......       :o)


  1. Love the tulips in the cute bunny vase!
    My little Christmas cactus is hanging in there nicely, though no where near blooming again! Perhaps next year :)

  2. I love the bunny vase. That makes the tulips look fabulous.

    Now. That elf and cactus. That WAS taken at Christmas wasn't it??? My Cacti have been cut back, as per your instructions, and are sending out new leaves. As is Devon, I wait in anticipation for next Christmas.

    Should I be fertilizing or not?

  3. that was taken early this afternoon!!
    right when I was taking the tulip pictures...the elf was in the hallway, but got moved to make room for the bunny!!! that particular cacti had not bloomed yet...and I have tons of buds on my other ones, as well....I guess, if you got got it...and if you don't, you don't....and I guess I got it!!!


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