Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Does The Garden Know It Is Only March??

After the sun came out yesterday, I ventured into the back yard with my camera.

I know I told you that there wasn't really anything happening in my garden here at home.....but what a difference a day makes...

I couldn't believe that my precious Peonies were poking thru the ground.... These are the plants that I got from my Mom so many years ago, and they never fail to amaze...

This is REALLY early for Peonies...don't you agree??

They normally bloom in mid-June...wonder when they will bloom this year???

Crazy crazy crazy weather....
The Hyacinths are twice as tall as the last time I looked...
Can you believe these are orange star-gazer lilies...this is extremely early for these guys...
Star of Bethlehem and Creeping Jenny
Jolly Jump-ups...[don't you just love saying that?]  Jolly Jump Ups...Jolly Jump Ups..ok  ok
                                                                jolly jump ups   jolly jump ups    jolly jump ups  [tee hee hee]

Dark maroon Double Columbine

Daffodils...and I spy some Iris in the background...

Oodles of Day Lilies
First of the Scillia...beautiful blue   :o)

Was worried about this Hydrangea...Lots of buds...yeah!!
Even the Chives are up and about...will be able to start clipping them soon...  

I really look forward to the Chives every year....what a great perennial herb...every
garden should have some......grab one when your garden stores open, and enjoy for years to come. :o)

     Take a look in your might be suprised to see what is poking out

     Let me know what you have in your own back yard

     Supposed to cool out this weekend....back to normal temps....BOOOOO!!

     Enjoy The Sun       :o)



  1. I was also worried about my heritage peonies, that I transplanted last fall. Much to my delight, there are some red buds poking up! I just hope this rapid growth of late doesn't suffer when the temps. fall this weekend. Yeah Spring!

  2. I actually got a tan today. This weather is freaky!!

    I can't wait for you to move into my miniature home ;) I had no idea you were a tiny!
    Sandy xox

  3. You must have been on your tummy for alot of those shots! Taken from a gnomes-eye view!
    Thanks for helping me identify and name some of the things in my garden. I had no idea! I have a Christmas rose blooming away by the fence in our Pet Cemetery. Do you have one of those?

  4. Do I have a christmas rose....or a pet cemetery....hmmmm..let me think..

    no to both, here at home....

    But we do have a bird buried at the cottage!!

  5. I meant the Christmas rose, NOT the pet cemetery! ;)


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