Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday Trip To The Greenhouse.....

 Today I treated myself with a trip to The Greenhouse...our local flower shop. It is also a garden center in the summer, and pumpkins at Halloween, and Christmas trees, at Christmas. Whatever your flowerey needs are....they fit the bill. The selection of houseplants and tropicals is also fabulous.
So, today, I stopped in for my "fix"!!! I purchased a large bunch of pink tulips, huge bunch of pinky/mauvey mums, a hot pink kalanchoe, a variegated leaf pink violet, a georgeous purple with white ruffly edges, and a potted perennial muscari....

The tulips are in a vase in the family room, but they are still closed pretty tightly....will get a shot of them when they are in their glory...

 Oh yeah....and a potted Basil..the one I left behind was pretty shrivelled...I use it so often that I find it less expensive to buy the potted ones...and they smell heavenly..
I put some of the mums in my foyer, next to my Easter Bunny...

The Muscari ended up in one of my hob nailed planters, in the powder to another Bunny!!!I will plant those up in the garden, when the soil is workable...but for now, the powder room is cool and dark....a great place for bulbs..

The pink violet made it to my bedroom dresser...I replaced a violet that needs a bit more TLC....moved him to the main floor, where I can keep my eye on him....:o)

The kalanchoe ended up in the kangaroo planter...
Picked up this shoe in Florida at a thrift shop...50cents!!!  Did I mention that I also collect ceramic shoes?   Well.....I do...

Some of the mums ended up in my bunny planter, that my late brother Tommy gave is very dear to me, and always gets a few flowers for our weekend dinners in the dining room...

The purple frilly violet got a spot beside my computer...again moving another violet to a more attentive position...I need to start fertilizing, so they will re-flower for me

Remember....I was away for a whole plants were well taken care of by my son and daughter.....thanks again.....:o) 
                   You should pick yourself up some certainly can lift your spirits....and brighten your day...



  1. Trying to brighten things up on these overcast, dreary days? It worked! Lovely bright blossoms lifted my spirits especially nestled with the cute rabbits!

  2. Oh're decorated for EASTER!!!! I'm still working on the Christmas cacti!

  3. never of my bigger christmas cacti, is in FULL BLOOM..right now!!!!

    Looks beautiful...hahaha


  4. Such beautiful flowers! Nothing says "welcome" to me more than fresh flowers in the house. They just make a home extra happy!


  5. Yup I agree that flowers are a great way to lift your spirits. I took out my Easter decor today as well. Have a great week!

    Sandy xox


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