Thursday, 19 April 2012

Colors From The Cottage Last Weekend...

Wonder what will be new and
colorful this weekend???

Always an adventure....

Calm or windy???

Beach or no beach???

Can't wait to see....  :o)

Hope you are enjoying the adventure with me.... 

See 'Ya....

Cheers!                                                 :o)

                         Back with more pictures....Have a great day....     :o)



  1. great pictures Linda. I love Daffodils and this year they are beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ah the colours of spring! Can't wait to watch your garden grow all summer. It's like having a garden and you do all the work! Love it.

  3. Such lovely pictures! It makes me yearn for a week at a cottage! I didn't buy the cabinet at St.Jacobs btw. I picked it up at Cookstown.

    Sandy xox

  4. Wonder what you found at the cottage!! Always exciting and fun, I am sure to discover what was left, and what was taken, while you were gone. Bet the flowers are up even mmore and blooming abundantly! Let us have a look!


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