Sunday, 8 April 2012

To All Of You.....Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to all my friends.....

Made it home from the cottage, in record time....

Brought some fresh daffodils and a few
forsythia branches....there are so many there, these will not be missed....

The only chocolate treat from me, is the mini-eggs......LOVE THOSE!!!!  :o)

Hope you all have a wonderful day....sun is shining...mostly.... [kinda cloudy right now].....Don't eat TOO many chocolates!!!
                                                    tee hee chocolate....

                                                    Cheers!         :o)


  1. HI Linda, love all your pictures, scrolled down a few post and caught the shots of your african violets. I love them and keep them in the kitchen all year, right now I'm down to only 3 and they are needing to be repotted and loved a bit as they get a little tired during the winter. I keep a couple at work usually also, though right now there I have one beautiful one and one straggler!
    Have a great week. I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my diet and getting outside walking!

  2. Your spring baskets look wonderful. I suspect Costco will have plenty of pansies post-Easter. Must check that out this week. Great pix!

  3. got my pansies at the greenhouse...


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