Monday, 30 April 2012

Why....Hello There...

 After a very busy last couple of days....what 
a lovely surprise to spy these this morning,
beside my computer....     :o)

I hadn't even noticed that SHE was close

to flowering....forgive me sweet VIOLET...

I will enjoy your glory for many weeks 
to come....perhaps I will even spoil you
with a few drops of fertilizer...tee hee hee...

I wonder what COLOR the flowers will be...
I have added a few possible suggestions...
I am keeping my eye on you...   :o)
Or this deeper MAUVE...

Happy Growing!!.... 
Or perhaps this SPARKLY LAVENDER variegated tone....

Hope you all have a lovely day...

Perhaps there are some Violets in
your life....

Or.....another snappy pair of summer
shoes!!   ha ha ha....tee hee hee

Cheers          :o) 


  1. Home again and happy to catch up on your last week of posts. I had no connection in the US other than at a cupcake shop :) I have just now delighted in your photos and always humorous dialogue. I will not be getting into violets, as my Christmas Cacti have me obsessed and taking my full attention. They are gamely putting out new leaves now and enjoying the fertilizing you suggested.

  2. Oh, I love african violets! I have one on my desk that is blooming right now...a deep pinkish purple. Yours is gorgeous! A little food is a good idea...I have not done that since last summer!

    love the shoes!

  3. Hey Leslie:
    Welcome I guess you spent day and night at the cupcake shop, hoping for a better connection!!

  4. HI There Betsy:
    My favorite houseplant is the violet...can never have toooo many!! EASY to grow... :o)

  5. I may have to go out and buy a lovely little African Violet. They are so beautiful and sweet. My CC is budding away nicely, so I am feeling brave about new plants! Wish me luck!


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