Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cottage Garden Update.....


Had a few things in bloom last weekend....for the first time!!!

I have had this snowball bush for at
least 5 years, and this is the first year it bloomed...every other year it was devoured by some tiny insects... very
pleased with this display...:o)

Ditto for the purple phlox...when I noticed the buds a few weeks ago, I had no idea what it was...don't remember planting it...wonder where it came from???   Oh well....I will just enjoy...it is lovely tho, isn't it???

The Bridalwreath Spirea is in full bloom...I am sure with all this heat this week...it will be done very soon   :o(

Got a few more baskets planted up....added a few hostas that were buried under day lilies

This shot should certainly win an award or something...I was on my tippy toes, and didn't even see the baby robin until I downloaded my photos...nice!!

These Allums were buried as well...they finally got their heads above  the rest...

Perennial Sweet Peas looking good...

All lined up to get a drink....

Nearly done....will probably have to get some more stuff!!!

My boyfriend loves to feed the gulls....and they seem to love him...

Had a big bonfire....mostly from the hedge that we trimmed...don't you wish you could burn stuff in the city??? Remember when people used to burn their leaves in the fall??? I can smell it now....brings back memories...for sure...:o)

We finished the day with beef and chicken shish-ka-bobs...salt and ground black pepper sausages....wild rice and greek salad....deeeeeelish.....on the sun porch of course...with the beauty painted floor!!!

         I spray painted these chairs purple...

                What do you think????

       What kind of day did you have...

       Hope it was a good one....

        CHeers              :o)


  1. Bridal wreath spirea..that one is new to me. I love it. Wow. and how great that your snow ball bush bloomed. It looks amazing.

    yummy dinner
    gorgeous view
    loving the purple chairs! :)

  2. Hi Betsy..
    It is actually a bush...and the sprays of flowers hang down...kinda like a bridal bouquet...hence the name! Very attractive...but alas..only for a short time...

  3. Beautiful flowers... Love the purple chairs... spray paint!! I'll have to remember that...so much easier than painting them... Looks like a wonderful day!!

  4. That picture of the robin is fabulous, with the little baby's head popping up in there! LOVE the purple chairs! I have a Bridal wreath, too! Too bad it's beautiful for such a short period of time. Looks like a wonderful, productive time at the lake!!

  5. The garden is looking lovely. I need to get one of those snowball bushes, very nice. Glad it flowered for you this year. The chairs look good, I'm thinking of painting ours a different colour this year. So nice to watch the campfire. We can burn in our backyard (we're not in the city), but we do need a permit and have to notify the fire department.

  6. Hi Linda - love the purple chairs!!! And I really like the geraniums growing around the old tree stump.


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