Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lake Vistas....

What better way to spend some time...
gazing out over a clear, calm blue Lake..

We usually get time to do this, while eating lunch...or at the end of the day, when all the chores are done...

I must say....for is second only to flower gazing!!!!

Man.........I love my walkabouts...seeing what is fresh and new....and what needs a little help....

Ahhhhhhhhhh...the great outdoors..:o)

    My baskets are flourishing.....must be that Miracle-Gro!!!!!

Hope you all enjoy the day....HOT again....cooling tomorrow....

            Enjoy these white begonias from last summer....

                               Cheers!    :o)


  1. Gorgeous! I could look at that all day! God must have loved blue...with making water and the sky that color...SO lovely!

  2. How lovely and peaceful it is looking over the lake, I can hear the gulls and the plane overhead. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Beautiful water scenes linda. I love those backets full of blooms. It's a beautiful day here and the humidity has dropped (only one day of it!). A perfect summer day. Enjoy your lakeside view. Pamela

  4. Wonderful shots. I especially like the one of the seagull taking off from the water. (The third one down.)

  5. Hi
    Now I am dreaming.... the full force winds that are sweeping the UK at the moment are preventing any walk about's here. It is great when I can share your garden, it certainly lifts my spirits!

    Take Care

  6. Lovely calm lake! Looks so nice...wish I was there :)

  7. Love your baskets of flowers...great idea!! Once this tropical storm moves out of here, that is my first little project. Thanks Linda! :)

    1. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments...
      Hope you all enjoyed your weekend....


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