Thursday, 12 July 2012

Petite Perfect Pinecone...

My Pine tree in front, has been popping pine cones the last few days...

Never have I seen one like this little cutie!!!

Those are salt&pepper shakers in the background, so you can imagine how petite he is!!!!

I am keeping him....forever!




I will leave you with my latest
blooming violet....

Don't you just love the hint of 
mauve....and the purple piston...

Have a great weekend...

Stay cool...

Hope it rains....

Cheers!      :o)


  1. What a cute and unusual looking pinecone, a keeper for sure. Enjoy the weekend at the cottage.

  2. It is different, isn't it???

  3. it's like a little octopus! ha.

  4. Yes have to agree he is unusual, a little prickly gem of a find.

  5. How did you find that little cone? I am sure I would have missed such a little one, but he sure is a cutie! The African Violet is truly beautiful with those subtle colours, isn't it?

  6. That wash of purple in the violets looks like it has just been painted on. So sweet. What an observer of nature you are! Hope you get your rain! We get lots of drama with lightning, thunder, and wind, but not always much rain.

  7. What an unusual little pine cone cluster-indeed! Have a great day Linda!


  8. I've never seen a pinecone look like that one. Interesting. Your violet is so pretty. Pamela


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