Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pink Hollyhocks & Yucca Blooms....

These Beauties were open last weekend at the cottage...

These are all kind of a deep rose...except for one pale one at the end...hopefully there will be more open this weekend...Perhaps I will have to stake them!

I am adding a few shots of my Yucca....
you never know if it will be finished before I get back there again...

Enjoy...  :o)

 Hoping to be back here
real soon...looks like another scorching few days ahead...

Stay cool...

What is blooming in your garden???

Where is your favorite place to sit and daydream???

                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Your hollyhocks are a gorgous colour Linda. And I've never seen a Yucca plant but it looks quite interesting as it comes into bloom. I have a question. I planted hollyhock seeds from my late mil's plants and they are only about 2 inches high. They were planted weeks ago and I water them a lot as they are under the eave. I fertilized them last week but still just stubs. Do you think the seeds were old? I really hope to have some in her memory. What should I do? Oh, to answer your question, I like to sit on the deck and daydream when it's nice out.

  2. Hi Pamela...they are best planted in the fall, so they can build a good root system. Spring planting is OK...but you may not get any flowers this year...just patient...all good things come to those who wait!!
    Check out my Dec 8/2011 post..."closing the cottage", and you will see the hollyhocks ready for winter...they stay green all season!!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening...

  3. Those are some gorgeous hollyhocks! Love the colour. The yucca is a strange and lovely plant.

    1. I like the Yucca, cause it stays green all do the hollyhocks...

  4. Sitting here , with a blanket on my lap and a box of Kleenex at hand, I daydream of being in a warm garden . When we are all moved back to the US and settled in our new home, I dream of having hollyhocks and sun flowers etc. You will have to be my guide when I start planning that garden !

  5. would be my pleasure...sorry you are under the weather...:o)

  6. Love those Yucca blooms, the scent is magnificent.



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