Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Calling All Veggies.....

Quite a haul from my tiny veggie
patch at the cottage this past weekend.

One of the yellow peppers had actually fallen off...not sure why...perhaps he was ready!!!

One big green zuchinni [not a goodyear blimp] but pretty good size...

A striped zuchinni...don't really remember planting that!!!!
But very cute...  :o)

And a large batch of cherry tomatoes...
but....actually a bit larger than others..
And very juicy....

Made a great Greek salad tonight with them       :o)

Vivian stopped in today for a visit...

Seems a lot of the pictures I take of her are kinda blurry...took this one yesterday while babysitting...

All swaddled up again....

But....this one....I love...

Blurry....but...that smile is there again....I wonder what she is dreaming about????

Here she is with her Auntie Lissa...my other daughter....sound asleep...only  
                                   5 days old here....  :o)

Hope you all had a great day...

                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Your veggies look wonderful! I am having a bounty of grape tomatoes, but the cucumber vines have been rather stingy this year.

    I thought we might make it to Toronto this summer, had promised a blueberry pie to my husband's cousin, but so far we haven't made it that far. Maybe in the fall.

  2. oh my...that salad looks soooo good! What a great idea. Need to add feta to my grocery list!

    That little Vivian is such a beauty!

    1. actually Betsy...it is Goats Cheese...like it much better thatn Feta...not as salty and soooo creamy..

  3. I am not coming to your blog and just scrolling to see the pictures of Vivian! She is such a doll. I think babies mostly dream of their mama and nursing.

    And what a nice stripped zucchini! And the salad looks yummy.

    1. SO....am I supposed to dedicate a whole blog to Vivian??? Would that keep you coming back??

  4. That salad looks totally yum! So does Vivian! Five days old and so precious!

  5. The salad looks very nice but where can I get that baby ? :)
    I look forward to our next home with a big garden and home grown tomatoes !

    1. Thanks Candice...hands off!!!! Shes all ours!!! hahaha... :o)
      Hope you have the garden of your dreams some day...


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