Monday, 15 October 2012

Apple Pie Bread...& 2 Friends

Last week I made this absolutely
scrumptious apple bread...

I "stole" the recipe from my sidebar of "Lovely Little Blogs"....

This is the second recipe I have tried from here....not just this Blog..but another as well... 

This particularly delicious one, was from "My baking addiction" blog.

Very easy to follow...

Just make sure you have all the ingredients on hand...I actually had no eggs, after starting, but....luckily my boyfriend was out at the store, and grabbed me some!!!

The grated apple keeps it SOOO moist,
 and of course....the secret ingredient...
Also adds to the creaminess...

There are a lot of spices to be added...
for the bread itself, and for the
struesel topping....yummy...  

I also made 2 of my lemon banana
blueberry loaves...

They were very jealous of the Apple
Pie Bread....

The aroma of the spices was divine...

Spread some butter on a slice...

And you are instantly transported to
Heaven....Apple Pie Bread Heaven...

Here is the recipe....Apple Pie

This is the first time I have added a link to my blog....fingers crossed
that it works....if not, it is in my sidebar....
Certainly worth the effort, to make this bread....
One of the tastiest things I have had in AGES!!! 
Kudos to the baker, Jamie.....fannnnnnnntastic...:o) 

       Can't you just smell the spicey goodness?????

           How about a slice, Devon???

              And a cup of tea alongside????

                      Hope you all had a good weekend...

                        Went to the Lake twice!!!!  Pics to come....

                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Oh what TORTURE! ha.

    WOW...those look so yummy! And with a name like apple pie bread, how could it not be!?

    1. You really MUST make this...soooo good!!
      Better than apple pie!!

    2. just copied the recipe to make this afternoon. I laughed OUT LOUD at the end when it said to wait until the next day to slice it. Um, yeah, right. :)
      Although, I do know what she means about the flavor improving. All of my chocolate recipes are like that...better the 2nd day. But we will be sampling it before it cools completely, I'm sure. ha.

    3. Let me know what you think of it...I didn't use all of the spice mixture..and it was plenty spicy and aromatic...

  2. That looks so good, I certainly could eat a piece or two. I'm copying the recipe. And yes your link worked. :)

    1. You will thank me, Linda....very addictive...
      glad my link learn something new every day, eh??

  3. Mmmm. That buttered slice looks sooooo good. The lemon loaf looks tasty too. :)

  4. They are both delicious....thanks Pam..

  5. I heard Apple pie bread and I have to come Linda look amazing of course!!:)

    1. Hi Gloria....from Betsy's blog, right???
      You are such a good cook...let me know what you think!!

    2. I will try but I think look awesome I only have made apples pie but I think and apple pie bread is beautiful:)

      Yes I love Betsy LOL

      I will try this soon!

  6. I am on to it ... I have just picked a basket of fresh crisp apples from the allotment plot and now I know what to do with them
    Cheers Linda You are a star!

    1. Hi Lisa...It is delicious...and I am sure it would freeze thing, I didn't use ALL the spice mixture...some in the batter, and some in the be the judge!!
      Please let me know what you think...

  7. It looks totally yummy! Have you made a gluten free version? You must and then let me know how it tastes. Mark would LOVE this if it was celiac friendly :)! I would LOVE to have a slice with a cuppa....

    1. Lissa and I are going to try some gluten-free baking on Thursday...have YOU done any???
      She is finding the bread to be pretty tasteless...what kind does Mark eat??

    2. He gets his bread from Planet Organic in Port Credit. I think the brand is Aidan's. I think you can answer the question wondering if I had done any baking! haha

  8. Tis' the season to be baking again. Love apples and will try this one. Great link!

    1. I have had it in my sidebar for a few weeks...kind of interesting,eh?

  9. Hi.. so nice to find you blog through Pam.. The breads all looks awesome..
    I am a new follower...
    God bless..

  10. I'm back for a slice of Apple Pie Bread. :)


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