Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tea With Vivian....

 Today was kind of a sleepy, rainy, dull day...

I spent 2 hours this morning, trying to tweek my no avail...same old blog!!!

I can't even add any pictures to my header..bummer...

Still in my housecoat, unshowered at boyfriend was out on business, so I was a lazy lout...

I decided to take up my friends offer, to have tea and cake with me...

Jumped in the shower...

Ironed a clean tablecloth...

Emailed my daughter, to see if she could join us..

My friend D has been wanting to meet Vivian...and something or somebody, always got in the way...

Freshly in place...I readied the kitchen...

Luckily I had already taken one of my banana/blueberry loaves out of the freezer...

I always have fruit and Yogurt on hand...

I'll bet D was expecting some of that Apple Pie Bread....which is setting the world on fire as we speak!!! boyfriend and I had eaten every last crumb!!!

Next time D.......I promise...

Not that what I was offering was second is always a crowd pleaser...and very easy on the eyes!!! And on the waistline, I might add...

Keep with is all SOOOO worth it!!!


D held her the whole time...She smiled and giggled back...she was an angel!

Had  a great time....chatted....and D finally got to see, hold, smell and
                touch my Granddaughter...

             All is well in the world   :o)

                     Hope you all did something great today...

                         Oh Yeah...Thanks for the plant D!!!!!

                              Cheers!  :o)


  1. Oooh...D is SO lucky!

    Looks fabulous..all of it! Food, company, everything!

    1. Thanks Betsy.... We all had a lovely time together...

  2. I made vegetable beef soup and an apple pie. I am going to have to find an Apple Pie Bread recipe... Or maybe find myself driving around to the other side of this lake. :)

    Vivian is a cutie.

    1. You are always welcome Martha!!!
      Check back 2 posts...the link to the recipe is there...
      She is a cutie...isn't she??

  3. It looks delicious Linda. I'm sure D had a lovely time getting to know Vivian. She's a little doll!

    1. Thanks Pam...hope that storm doesn't affect you...

  4. The dessert was delish! I would have even had a second piece (!) and I don't even like dessert normally! So disappointed I missed even on tiny slice of the famous bread. Holding Vivi was divine, Linda! She is a doll! Those smiles and cooing chats we had were wonderful :)

    1. Why didn't you ask for another piece???
      So glad you finally met Vivian...

  5. What a little darling... Little Vivian is really sweet and so was the apple cake. My friend is popping over in the morning and as we have eaten the cake already I am back in the kitchen cooking another couple as we speak, it never even toughed the sides as we say!

    Have a good weekend

    1. Glad you enjoyed the apple pie's unanimous!!!!
      And Vivian is really sweet...that is also unanimous!!!

      You have a great weekend as well...don't eat too much bread!!!!

  6. I am so looking forward to my invitation to tea if thats whats on the menu, delish!:)

    1. Hey Paul....You are welcome anytime for Tea....

  7. Hi Linda I see what you mean. D is in such good shape and was so lucky to hold such a precious little one. I must try some of your recipes. We will be going to Karen's next week and I aways do some baking to take with us. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope to see you soon in class

    1. Hi Linda...You should make the Apple Pie Bread...fantastic..
      See you next week...fingers crossed!


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