Sunday, 18 November 2012

New Christmas Mouse...

Christmas Alert!!!!

I have made my first purchase for Christmas Decorating 2012...

Isnt she adorable???

All dressed out for the Season...

Almost time to start digging thru all my boxes...

See what will make the cut this year...


   Have you bought anything new for this year's decorating???

            Do you have a theme???


                        Tell me everything.... 

Hope you all had a great weekend...

         we surely did...  [I know. I know...and don't call me Shirley]

                  Lots of pictures coming your way...

                            Cheers!  :o)


  1. Cute mouse! Viv will love her! ha.

    I'm going more simple this year with the tree. Found a new pretty garland and some lovely glass birds that clip on the branches for $1 each. So, I'm thinking a bird theme! Shocker, I know. hahaha.

    I'm thinking the 5 big boxes of ornaments might stay packed away. We'll see, though...

    1. I actually started weeding through my containers today...already have a box for the thrift store!!!! The Glass Birds sound nice....what else, eh Betsy...I am sure your tree will be beautiful...

  2. I plan on baking cutout cookies with the kids and maybe finding a variety my son can eat too. Every year I try to keep things simple. I'll be trying again this year. :)

  3. Love the mouse. My nickname growing up, was Mouse. My Dad called me "his mouse" and gave me gifts of mice well into my adult life. In fact, up until only weeks before his passing. I have them everywhere in my home, and they are so special to me.
    : ) Kris

    1. Awww Kris...thanks for sharing...glad my little mouse made you smile!!

  4. Mad for plaid.
    Who wouldn't love that stylin jacket he is wearing.

    1. Thanks Mary...I think the plaid is what attracted me to her!!!

  5. Cute mouse, I bet Vivian will adore it.
    I haven't started any decorating, probably won't till the beginning of December. I don't imagine I will be buying anything new as we don't spend the holidays at our house. I usually put up the Christmas village, a snowflake twig tree, and the tree. I've done my outside pots and baskets. This makes it sound like I am Scrooge at Christmas :)

    1. Absolutely not, Linda..I don't have my outside urn done yet...
      probably get the tree late next week...all ready for Dec 1st...
      Sometimes I wish I was going to somebody's house for Christmas...sigh...but not!!

  6. Cute mouse! My tree is gold/copper themed but my Kitchen has retro kitchy red/acqua and green decorations. Enjoy!

    Sandy xox

    1. I will check out your blog, to see these colours....
      Very interesting, are soooo crafty, Sandy!

  7. My theme will be traditional wooden ornaments, and natural decorations that are hand made by local artisan craft people, making a huge effort to support them this year. The new fella looks cool!

    1. Sounds great Lisa....this will be your first Christmas blogging,right???
      Can't wait to see photos of your place...:o)

  8. i love mice!!!
    real ones or little stuffed ones wearing smashing red tartan and big feet. lol.
    you must give her a name. "christine" ? in honor of christmas maybe?
    you know from visiting the peanut ~ i'm a dyed in the wool minimalist.
    so not lots and lots of decorations... surprise there. not.
    but the last two years i have had what most people would say UGH. NO! . . .
    i have snowy white trees with the tiny white sparkly lights. no ornaments save a few precious birds perched in the branches. i don't know what appeals so much to me. the snowy look i guess. we get so little of it. at night it has the most magical glow.
    they're artificial trees of course. i figure if you're going fake ~ then go FAKE!!! LOL.

    1. Christine it is!!!
      I think your trees sound very enchanting...
      We get lots of snow...well, usually...but this global warming thingy has turned the tables...
      Perhaps more this certainly makes it very festive...
      Please post some photos...
      Would love to see them...:o)


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