Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Cowls....Completed!!!

I have finally finished 4 Cowls for Christmas gifts...

They are actually pretty simple to make...

Each colour crocheted up differently...

The button is so that you can fold one corner over and attach with the button...

I thought that was kind of a nice touch....

I have enough black to make another....

I hope all the girls like them!!!! 

Hope you all had a great day....

I stayed in...laundry...vacuuming...fussing...tearing things apart...

        You of those days..

              Finally got the Christmas cards in the mail... 

                  Roasted chicken thighs...chicken rice and green beans on the menu..

             What kind of trouble did you get into today???

                         Cheers!   :o)


  1. Those look very warm and toasty. Now all we need is an arctic chill. ;)

    1. I find the young girls wear them whether it is cold or not!!!
      I am a scarf wearer...hate to take it off when I get home!!

  2. Those are beautiful! The girls will love them!

    I stayed in today, too! Tons of laundry and cleaning. Now we have clean socks. ha.

    1. Thanks Betsy...I started on another black one this evening...
      I think they will make nice gifts!!
      Cheers to clean socks!!

  3. Love the cowls Linda. Last year cowls were one of my hot sellers. This year it is ear warmers!!
    Your dinner sounded delish!
    xo Kris

  4. Wow! That was quick! I'll have to learn to crochet. I like the look of the free form crochet that is popular now. The girls will be so pleased.

  5. Very clever Linda, you are always so thoughtful, today I am waiting for the gas & heating engineers to arrive, we have a leak, no heating, wish me luck!

  6. LOVE the crocheted cowls! They will keep the girls toasty warm and trendy looking!

  7. Lovely cowels, some recipients are going to be very happy ... and warm.
    I stayed in yesterday too, well except for a few minutes when we had to pop out in the afternoon. I made some more snowflakes, got the cards put into the mailbox, moved some lights around and like them much better, you know all those little things that keep me happy. I even got a new white Christmas cactus plant while we were out. Today it is grocery shopping.

  8. Aren't they fun... They do whip up fast..
    Mine are done and now I'm crocheting another throw...
    Got to keep those fingers
    Today we are off to the doggy groomers for Fergus and then to Costco..

  9. the marine and i spent the day in tulsa. it's such a beautiful city. it's two hours away from us.
    a long great day but always nice to walk back into your own little house. the wind was cold. but sun shining bright.
    the cowls are dear. i like the button idea!

  10. Hi just I just found your lovely blog, those cowls look so pretty and the colours are great.

  11. Umm what is a cawl? I made desk dividers/cubicles out of card board- for the kids today....


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