Thursday, 27 December 2012

Last Nights Snowfall....

 We had our first real big snowfall of the season, here in  Southern Ontario..

Wednesday evening it started around 6:30 pm...

And snowed all night...

I used my snappy new camera to take a few shots from inside...

Follow along with me.... 

You can see how tall the snow is getting on my bird feeders outside the kitchen..

Out the front door around 7pm...

Out the front door first thing this morning....

         Hope you all made it thru the storm...

                  We have had 2 nice snowy evening walks so far...

               Don't you just love walking thru the snow at night???

                   The Moon was visible behind the billowy clouds...


                        Cheers! :o)


  1. Pretty pictures Linda. I like the lights in the snow. We are getting a blizzard here tonight. Very nasty and not pretty to be out in it at all. We might get 25 or more cm!!! Glad I'm not travelling by car or plane! Take care!

  2. Snowy walks at night...lovely! So silent, aren't they? You got some nice snow there and great photos! I see you've loving your new camera! :)

    1. Still getting used to the camera!!! haha
      Have to wear my glasses while operating it!!!
      Yes.....night walks are really lovely...perhaps again tonight!!!

  3. oh how lucky you are! the pictures are so beautiful. i can almost feel the calm and quiet and cold and yes i love to walk in it. that little muffled crunch of footfall. just perfect peace. very romantic too!
    we got only fierce howling wind and ice. and then a barely-there frosting of snow. it was so violent somehow. it usually is. seldom does it just gently snow here.
    i couldn't find joy in it for feeling so bad for all the animals in that terrible wind and ice.
    so your snow is especially pleasing to see. thank you for sharing it!

    1. It was a nice suprise...
      But today...kinda getting slushy!!!

  4. Wow...what gorgeous shots!!! I can't wait to be up in the snow next week!!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Oh Kris...your Mom's cabin, right???
      Take lots of pics to share...

  5. Fingers crossed it's coming our way, that's all my family wanted for Christmas, snow and frosty walks. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. We have boots, hats and camera ready by the door!
    Seasons Greetings! Lisa X

    1. We had a green Christmas as well...this came a few days late!!!!
      The walks are nice,tho...

  6. Wonderful photos from your new camera. The lights make the snow sparkle.
    We had about 30 cm. in total and it was deeper with the drifting. But all is cleared away now and it is to be a cold but sunny day.

    1. Sunny here....but ran into heavy cloud as we entered the Escarpment...
      Took a drive to the lake...fantastic!!

  7. We were downtown having dinner with friends when the snow started. By the time we were on our way home it was a treacherous drive! The snow makes everything so lovely looking, though. Three more days and then the snow can melt away until next year. Do you think that will happen? Ha!
    Looks like you got a really nice camera!

    1. We will see, Devon...
      Still playing with the camera!!


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