Friday, 4 January 2013

Hats And Scarves And Cowls....Oh My!!!!

We sure had fun on Christmas Night....

Playing with Vivian and the pom-pom hat I made her...

They were getting ready to Vivian was getting tired...and she has her bottle at 8pm and then goes to bed for the night...she is a very well behaved baby!!!!

We tried it with the brim up....and then brought the house down when we unfurled it....and wore it more like a stocking cap!!!

Either way she looked adorable....but pretty tired....

          A few days later....she turned up in the sweater and matching scarf...and of course the infamous pom-pom hat!!!!  How hilarious is that....

I am glad she has the scarf to ward off the cold winds!!!   Hahahahaha...:o)


My son-in-law Jeff sent me these pictures of Lola wearing her cowl that I made for cute is that?????

Perhaps I should make Jeff a new hat...

To match Lolas' cowl..

HAHAHAHA...I am having waaaayyyy too much fun with this post...  tee hee hee


It only gets better...

Whipped this one up the other night...

Vivian will have pom-pom hats for life...

Whether she wants to or not!!!!


She is just sooooooo
darn cute....

She is drooling so much lately...

The bibs and soother are a
life saver...

Perhaps some cute wee teeth soon!!!!

Won't that be precious??!! 
Hope you are all having a great day...

Incredibly windy and cold today....

My boyfriend took a drive out to the cottage...

I'll bet the waves are REALLY high...

I am off to the grocery store...and perhaps "Homesense"...tee hee hee...

On the menu tonight...

Roasted  Panko Cajun skinless chicken thighs ...

    Wild rice....fresh green beans...

      Perhaps a salad...haven't decided yet...will see what is at the store...

           Enjoy the rest of your Friday....and have a great evening..

                  Cheers!   :o)



  1. I LOVE the pompom hats you are making. The yarn is so fun, especially the turquoise one. (my favourite colour combo) Love Lola's cowl. Too funny! It's cloudy here but a bit milder (crept up to -12 already). Enjoy the weekend.

    1. I think this style(?) really suite her chubby cheeks!!!
      We had a nothing day weather wise...just windy...which has now calmed down...

  2. That is one long-suffering dog and he knows it.

    I can't believe you made a cowl for a dog! bwhahahhahaha!

    1. I sure did!!!!! Perhaps I should make one for the "ungrateful Bastard"???
      Do you think he would like one.....or would he just be ungrateful?? hahaha

    2. OMG, he would hate it but I would love it! Man, that would be the funniest thing ever!

    3. Send me your address...I will see what I can do!!!!!

  3. Oh my, she is so adorable! Love the hats, and scarves...she is all roasty toasty warm! And I love the cowl for the doggin' too. CUTE!!!
    Have a great day!!! And stay warm!!!
    xo Kris

    1. You too Kris....after all, you DO live in California!!!

  4. A hat for every outfit ... how adorable. Even Lola is toasty warm.
    It's a chilly and windy day with lots of snow flying around in the wind.
    I've been out and now I'm staying warm inside and doing some pink crochet.

    1. I shall make her a hat a month!!!!! Lola loves her cowl!!
      Windy earlier...but calmer now...

  5. The pompom hats are beautiful! I love the newest ones colours. Vivi looks so cute in them! Lovely. Keep that girl in hats!!

    1. Will do, Devon....not a problem...

  6. Oh, those are fun photos...and the hats are just adorable! Lola is looking pretty cute, too!

    1. Thanks Betsy...We did have fun...and Lola looks beautiful in her cowl!!!

  7. OMG
    dog lover that i am ~ i don't know who's cuter ~ vivian or lola!!! LOLOL.
    both adorable in their favorite gran's creations!! you are so good. and too funny!

  8. I love crocheting these easy!!!


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