Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lunch With Vivian.....

My daughter sent me these before and after photos of Vivian enjoying her lunch...

You can see the anticipation on her face...

As the food gets closer...

Apparently it is peas, strawberries and raspberries mixed together....

She loves the Peas...just like her Uncle Ryan...

My girls always laughed at him...

Always wanted the canned sweetlets...

Turkey was nothing...

Without the sweetlets...from the Jolly Green Giant...hohoho...:o)

"Please Sir....Could I have some more"?

Nice face Vivian!!!!

AND....that hair is coming in quite nicely...:o)

I ahve several photos of her Mom in the same sticky situation...

Think I'll do some scanning when I get home...

I could do some hilarious posts of my kids baby photos...

Another thing on my to-do list... 

                              Aren't sleeping babies just so adorable??? 

I understand you guys are expecting a HUGE storm...keep safe....

We are expecting some rain shortly...

Took a drive South to Passe-De-Grille beach...

Out of this world houses down there...but lots for sale...

It was pretty windy today...and now it is raining know

Plenty of lightning and thunder...but still quite warm...

On the menu tonight....

    Whole cut-up chicken [$6] at Winn-Dixie...already cut up!!!

         Remember those cook-in bags for the oven???

           With the seasoning mix???

                Well........I got one...and all I do is add the veggies...
                                      taters, carrots, green beans and onions..

                          And..........Voila!!!!  Dinner!!!

              Hope you are all having a great day...

                     Plenty of food in for the storm???   Good!

        Looking forward to seeing some pics of the snow....honestly!

                          Cheers!   :o)




  1. another lovely beachy day...even if it did rain! Viv looks adorable having her meal! :)

  2. Oh sweet Vivian. What a delightful look on her face as she awaits her food. :D The storm is going to hit Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. I'm glad I'm in Alberta. :)

    1. And I'm lad I'm here!!!
      You will have to dig out when you get home!!!

  3. what a absolute honest little face in your wee sweetiepie. by the way is an alberta clipper....all your fault!!

    1. Hey finally figured out how to comment...Yahoo!!!
      By the way...Pamela is just visiting Alberta, she lives in New Brunswick..
      You will probably get tons of snow....keep warm!!!

  4. like you new header! If we can't be in Florida at least we can see Florida!

    And Vivian, as sweet as ever! xo

    1. Thanks BIrdie...It was a favorite picture from last year...not too big???
      Yes, she sure is...:o)

  5. Oh what a cutie! Bet you are missing her something fierce!!
    xo Kris

    1. We sure are Kris...perhaps skype again today!!!

  6. Vivian enjoys her food.
    Snow is here, with lots more to come today. We are staying home, I mean, who in their right mind would go out in this?
    Nice new header photo for you today.

    1. Stay cosy at home,Linda...I am sure you have lots of crocheting to keep you company!!!
      You don't think the header is too big??? input please...

  7. She is such a total doll. I love her little wisps of fairy hair. The storm has blown past and it's brilliant sunshine today.

    1. Isn't that hair so cute!!!!
      Can't wait to do a Mohawk with that!!!
      Glad you are safe from the storm...we had sunshine all day as well!!!

  8. I figured you would get some rain this time of year. Those pix of Vivian are sooo cute! Enjoy your time in FLA! Thankfully we had lots of sunshine after that storm.

    Sandy xox

  9. I have run out of adjectives for Vivian! she is past adorable now!
    and your pictures are pro!
    seriously. if you want a new job ~ florida tourism would probably let you free lance. xo they're THAT good! tammy j

  10. Perhaps I should look into that...naaaaaa...forget it...then I would have leave Vivian!!


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