Monday, 22 April 2013

A Perfect Day At The Cottage....

 What a perfectly lovely day, we had at the cottage today...

The weather was perfect...

Not windy....

Lovely sunshine...

Plenty of feathered friends to keep us amused!!!

This handsome Robin, caught my attention...

I could hear a "tap tap tap'...

At first I thought it was a woodpecker...

But then I zeroed in on this!!!!

A very Red Breasted Robin...

Defending his territory...

Against another very Red Breasted Robin...  

Who looked just like the other very Red Breasted Robin...


It is THE SAME very Red Breasted Robin....

Attacking his own reflection in one of my many garden mirrors!!!

How hilarious is that!!

We had a sweet Chickadee a few years ago, who did the very same thing!!!

"Are you lookin' at me?"

 We had a very large branch come down on the weekend....

Our neighbour let us know...

Thankfully it was closer to the beach, 

and actually the top piece...

Fell right thru the evergreens, 

and onto my neighbours lawn!!!

He has already chopped it up,

 but this rather large, heavy piece...

Still sits between the 2 properties...

He says he will get a BIGGER saw, and take care of it!!!

My boyfriend brought him a case of Beer, for his trouble!!

 Found 3 feathers today.....very lucky!!! :o)

 We ate lunch on the new deck...

I have been working very hard at "shovelling" all the dirt and pieces of sod...

I am a wee bit "P-OD" at my handyman...

He left me a lot of hard work...getting rid of all the piles of dirt...

I am going to give him a wee piece of my mind when I see him!!!

But....I do like the new part of the beach deck!!!


Got the winter shutters down...

And the Summer screens up, on the Sun Porch..


Summer is ON!!!!  

Took this from inside the kitchen...

Just before we left...around 6pm...look at that Sunshine!!!

We also got the Martin House can see it on the upper right...We have a few pairs of cute Swallows giving the place the once over!!!

What a perfect day at the cottage....

Hope you all had a perfect day as well....

What kind of trouble did you get into today???

                                      Cheers!  :o)


  1. Your cottage is lovely, Linda. I love the deck, how nice to be able to sit by the water like that. The robins are beautiful, you got some great shots of them! I'm glad the tree branch didn't cause damage or hurt anyone.

    1. Thanks Jennifer...we LOVE it there...yes, good thing the branch didn't fall ON the cottage!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that deck is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by! I would never want to leave!!!
    What a nice neighbor you have there!!!
    xo Kris

    1. I try to do that every time I am there!!! haha!
      We have lovely neighbours!!

  3. That Robin is hilarious! And where did all the cold go? Yay for Spring!

    1. Colder today is the darn wind that is chilly!!
      Rain tonight and tomorrow..

  4. How lovely to sit and enjoy the view once again. We've had a cardinal and a chickadee to that sort of thing. They are protecting their territory and trying to scare off the other bird.

    1. It is hilarious, though!!!
      Hopefully we can get back out there near the end of the week!!

  5. Everything is looking great! Looks like you had great weather to enjoy while you were working, too!

    That Robin steals the show! How very funny...he looks so cute checking himself out! hahaha.

    1. Hopefully he/she will be building a nest soon!!!
      And we can enjoy that!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! sorry. i know that means i'm yelling. but i get excited.
    it's looking so good. and so green!
    the deck is lovely now and spacious.
    and i swear ~ that closeup of the robin and the mirror is priceless. that should be on a calendar.

    1. Actually Tammy...that is what we ahve on our road sign at the cottage..."BEAUTIFUL" is what we call our wee get-a-way!!!
      Thanks for noticing!!!

  7. I just noticed this post now Linda. I love the last photo - what a view. It must be so fun to have your cottage ready for the summer season. It looks wonderful there. Enjoy!


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