Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunny & Warm.....Then Wet....Then Windy...Then Cold...

Arrived at the cottage late Thursday afternoon...

Lovely and sunny...

With a West wind...

Settled in for a garden tour...

Then settled in for the late day Sun... 

This is actually a Forsythia flower that blew down into the garden...


Everything was waaay bigger than last week...

The Ferns are huge!!!

Hostas are up, and looking very lush and green...

I have quite a few Lunaria this Spring...they are the pinky-purpley ones...

Even the Perennial Miscanthus grass is sooo big compared to last week...It is filling in nicely around the new deck!!!

Here is me....catching the sun towards the Lake....and then turned to the west to get the very last rays!!!

Here is Friday!!!!
We worked inside all morning, and then went to Port....

Did some Thrift shopping...

Luckily this downpour waited for us to get into the car....on our way back to the cottage...

The Sunporch was SOAKED...

The rain must have been coming straight in!!!

I just caught a glimpse of this female Cardinal in one of our evergreens...

I sure hope she is nesting there!!


                GO LEAFS GO!!!!!  [sorry....I had to do it!]

Here was our view while eating dinner!!!

The rain and wind were coming straight the Lake...

Blew the chairs over...

And then sideways!!!  

Took a few shots on Saturday afternoon before we headed home...

I thought that my Tulips were especially nice this year...

I cut a dozen and brought them home...:o)

Hope you all had a great Mothers day...and enjoyed your Monday as well..

It was sure a busy one yesterday...had a lot of fun with the kids!!!


I got some really cool prezzies this year...[as usual]...I am Spoiled!!

On the menu tonight...

      Oven baked Sole fillets...

           Homemade fried rice with mushrooms and celery...

                 Fresh broccoli....Spinach Salad to start..

            Enjoy the rest of your day...

              We are COLD here...brrr...frost warnings tonight...YIKES!

          Put any annuals you have away for the night...    

                                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Such lovely pics.. I love the rain when we are at the cottage.. Your flowers are ahead of ours here in New Brunswick but we are catching up..
    Enjoy your week..

    1. Thanks Faye...hope you had a great Mothers day...

  2. I'm sorry your weather took such a turn for the worse but the flowers are looking great! Your dinner sounds delicious, as always.

    1. The flowers do look good, don't they? hahaha!
      The weather should pick up in a few worries!!!
      The fish was exceptionally tender!!!

  3. Yes the sun is deceiving!! We sure have had a mix bag of weather...
    We are catching up on the flowers. My hostas are up as well. We had snow and hail and rain and and....yesterday, but didn't stop the kids from coming and spoiling there Mommy rotten...Glad to here you were spoiled as well!!

    1. I am always spoiled Linda...
      I have the best darn kids in the world!!!

  4. Your cottage and gardens are lovely ! Yes the weather was quite topsy turvey over the weekend ! I cant believe how chilly it has been ! We didn't get the frost they said we would last night hoping we wont tonight either , we are in a valley so the frost usually hits higher ground ! Yes I used to watch hockey and root for the leafs I do hope they do it this year for the fans ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos and post ! The sun is now setting . Have a good evening !

    1. frost here either....YET!!!
      The Leafs are winning right now.....YAY!!!!
      I do hope they move on in the playoffs...

  5. You've had some crazy weather in Ontario on the weekend. It was rainy here all weekend but the sun shone today although it was much cooler than last week and very windy. I've never seen a squirrel in a bird bath before but I suppose they must get thirsty. Great photos from the cottage. Go Leafs!!

    1. Sunny here as well...but still chilly!!
      GO Leafs Go!!!

  6. All that rain is good for something! We are lush, green and everything is sprouting, too. And it's been chilly! Glad you got cool prezzies...I did, too! Nice to feel loved and appreciated. :)

    1. Yes....and the cool is actually good as well...will keep the Tulips from blooming too quickly...and all the beautiful flowering trees as well...
      Glad you got spoiled as well does feel nice!!!

  7. Love the photographs! My lake was sapphire out in the deep today, and green (a nice green) close to shore, with choppy little waves. And, it was freezing! I'm looking forward to Thursday when it's supposed to be warm and toasty again.

    1. Freezing here as well...:o(
      I think rain on Wednesday...and then a nice warm up again!!!
      The different colors of the water is cool, eh?
      Sometimes at the cottage, it is just like the Caribbean...beautiful aqua...ahhhh....wishing for those days!!

  8. Everything is looking lush, I really like the look of your ferns, looking good Linda. Wrap up warm and light a fire!

  9. Garden is looking good! The tulips are lovely!

    1. Thanks Devon...I thought so too!!!

  10. all my annuals are back in the garage!

    1. Good for you....only for a few days...what a pain!!!


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