Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday,Monday....Weekend In Review

 Ah, Monday...

That means I am home...again

Armed with some pictures to share my weekend with you...

The weather was...well...CRAP!!!

When we arrived on Friday, the Lake was calm...North wind...

I did my Happy Dance...dreaming of a firepit...while opening the gates...

Unpacked...started lunch...


The wind had switched to the South...

Bringing all the dampness and cool air, from the still chilly Lake...

Stop the happy dance...

GO about the routine of cleaning up...keys...keys...still everywhere...

My boyfriend brought the blower....but...wet keys don't blow very well!!!

And what did blow...ended up in my garden beds...or on the lawn!!

So....what is the point of that!?

I rather enjoy the sweeping know "guys"...:o)


On with the tour...a few peeks of sun...windy...damp...

I WANT HOT DRY WEATHER...TO DRY OUT THE COTTAGE...{is that too much to ask?}

Beauty bush!!

Still working on a path to the new part of the deck...notice all the KEYS!!

Not a total washout...

My son and his girlfriend...and Erika and Vivian tapped on the door on Saturday...

What a lovely surprise...found a sheltered spot {out of the wind}...

And....enjoyed the afternoon...

My son played with Vivian...

He even..

Let her...





Finished off a few more baskets, and GROW!!!

MONA is looking MARVELLOUS!!!!

KEYS!!.......{perhaps these tootsies are good enough for Betsy's pedi party!}

More pictures for tomorrow...

Did you all notice the moon???

Got a few great shots!

Hope you all had a great day!!!!

Some sun...mostly cloud...had rained overnite..

Late afternoon a lot of sun...

Nothing on the menu tonight...

Vivian and I are winging it!!!
missing her mommy!

Her mom, my son and boyfriend have gone to the Blue Jays game...

So....Vivian and I are hanging out!!!

We walked around and spoke to some neighbours...

Had dinner...well, not me...but Vivian did!

A nice bottle...clean sleeper...and she is tucked in as we speak...

Hopefully for the evening...I want her to get used to sleeping here...

All is quiet....perhaps I will have a grilled cheese!!! YUMMY!!! 

Enjoy the rest of your evening....

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Yep, those toes are perfect! And you already have a photo! You're way ahead of me! haha.

    We call those keys helicopters!

    1. We call them that too...but...I am fed up with them!!!
      My toes are ready to go!! haha!

  2. Lovely photos ! I guess all the cloud came down your way as it missed us over most of the weekend except for yesterday evening here the winds picked up thunderstorm came in and lots of rain in a matter of a few hours it was gone ! Thanks for sharing . Today the weather was perfect here . Have a good day ! Have a good evening !

    1. Thanks for the clouds!!!
      Perhaps this weekend will be better...summer in a few days!!

  3. No matter the weather, it always looks lovely at your cottage, Linda. Vivian is so adorable and you are so lucky to spend so much time with her. Enjoy it!! We had a sunny weekend here but showers last evening. Today was mostly cloudy but nice and warm with sunny breaks then showers again early evening. Summer is just a few days away! Can you believe it?

    1. Thanks Pam...that means a lot!
      I do love spending time with Vivian...too soon, her Mom will be back at work!

  4. Hope your evening goes well with Sweet Cheeks. Those eyes of hers are incredible! Things look like they are coming along nicely at the cottage. Pretty soon the weather will be hot and dry for those long, lovely days at the lake!

    1. So good...still asleep!!!
      Hopefully those long hot days will be here soon... can come and spend some with me!!

  5. You put those oriole photos up to tease me because I haven't got a good photo of them so far. Hope Vivian sleeps well. Weather has been so changeable.

    1. Ha! you caught me!!! They just love hose oranges...even the end piece, on the platform feeder attracted them...Have you tried the orange slices???
      She is sleeping like a baby!!

    2. I haven't put oranges out yet this year, and yes, they do love the.

  6. Hi Linda. I am catching up. Oh how I love your charming cottage!! Always such great photos!!!
    : ) Kris

    1. Hi Kris....thanks for stopping by...

  7. I'm late checking in. I must say, your cottage looks lovely no matter the temperature. And those lakes! If we could just get them warmed up again it wouldn't matter which way the wind blew. I always know when the breeze is coming from the north. It suddenly gets cool and moist. Good on a hot summer day, not so good when I'm wishing it would get warmer.

    DO you have holes drilled in that metal basin with the hosta in it?

    1. When we have the North wind...I love it! That means the Lake is calm...
      It is the South, that can be cold,before the Lake warms up...
      When it is lovely and hot, the South wind is refreshing...but not yet this year!
      I don't think I put holes in that basin, but it has been sitting there for 16 years,and I believe the bottom is kinda holey now!! That provides the drainage!
      Have a great day!

    2. I have some Black-eyed Susans in a basin, but my basin holds water. I had to dump the excess after last week's rain. Now I'm thinking I'd better plant them in the garden instead.

      We live on opposite sides of the lakes. We like the wind blowing in opposite directions. :)


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