Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fun Day Sunday With Vivian.....Down to Lake Ontario...

We had come home from the cottage, late on Saturday...

As a lot of rain and wind were expected...

And we had worked like dogs...


We were tired!!!

SO....  That meant we were able to take Vivian for a few hours....

We packed her up...

And drove down to the beaches at Lake Ontario, in Port Credit...our favorite place to go in the winter, when we can't be at our OWN Lake!!

We started on the swings...she quite enjoyed that

Then onto a rocking horse sort-of-thingy!!!

Isn't that hat adorable???  I got that at Wal-Mart!!!

Then we headed down to the beach...

And then...

My battery went dead!!!


And she was fascinated by the people feeding the ducks, geese and seagulls...

Darn battery!!!

Always happens at the most inopportune time!!!


After that...

We went to The Dairy Queen...

And had some cones...

Man...she loves Ice Cream!!!

But....no pictures!! :o(

I told my boyfriend we would have to take her for a cone again...


She had it all over her face...like a white moustache!!! So cute!!

Hope you are all having a great day...

I spent 3 hours in the back garden..what a mess those darn Daylilies make...

They always fall over the other perennials who are struggling for some sunlight...

I RIPPED them out...ripped out the phlox...tied up a few things...raked...clipped...swept...watered...

And now I am crippled!!!

Oh well...a job well done....a wee bit more to do tomorrow...and then there is the front garden!!!    GEESH!!!

Not cooking tonight...Me and the boyfriend are going out!!!

Not sure where yet...but I am just happy to not have to cook...seeing as I am crippled and all!!! hahaha! 

Check out this little Monkey in the bath yesterday...

My heart is melting...:o)

Still 2 different colour eyes!!

She loves the bath!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day....and evening...

***did I mention that I was crippled?***  I did??? Ok then....

                                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. Vivian is getting so big! She's looking more like a toddler now, getting long legs. That must be a little bittersweet. She's such a cutie and the hat is adorable. Good for you having dinner out tonight, you've earned it!

    1. Yes...She stands by herself...but hasn't taken the first steps yet!!! Then we are in real trouble!!! haha!
      I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner out...and our son joined us as well!!!

  2. Oh no! No battery, no pictures, it is soooo annoying when that happens. Of course, as you say, it just means a return visit which can never be a bad thing can it.

    Hope you are having fun with the gardening. Sounds like a lot of hard work has been done, hope you had a fun night out with your boyfriend.


    1. Tell me about it!! I now have a new battery and charger...so I have 2!!! Never again will this happen to me!
      Dinner was perfect!!

  3. Oh dear! I have crippled myself many a time myself, doing what you just did. When we learn that we are no longer 25? When I ask????
    Seeing that cutie pie though must surely have made you feel better. When you talk about a dead battery, do you mean yours, or the car???
    Rest up and enjoy a dinner out tonight!!
    xo Kris

    1. Oh Kris....my camera battery!! haha!
      Mine is pretty dull, though!!! I am old! You are not!
      Dinner was perfect!!

  4. Well, it sounds like you certainly deserve dinner out! Yard work is exhauting! Hope you wake up uncrippled in the morning. ha.

    What a cute in the tub...I've always loved tub pictures! ha.

    1. I hope I am uncrippled in the morning too, Betsy!
      It was exhausting..but I just kept going!
      I took some pics, so we'll see what they look like!
      Sometimes they don't do justice to all the hard work!

  5. How irritating is that, to lose your battery power just when the pictures were getting good? That Vivian is a cutey! You should have stopped by when you were down by the lake...we were home :)

    1. You know what, Devon...it was in my head...but...my boyfriend is not a dropper-inner..never has been...never will be...and that is that!
      perhaps next time we go down...I'll call you...and you and your boyfriend could meet us there...and we could go for cones!!! OK!!!???

  6. I feel your pain from hours of ripping through gardens and what not cause I get the same ... seem to find muscles we never knew we had lol ! Oh what wonderful photos I bet the ice cream face was sticky and happy ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

    1. Yes...and those muscles are sore tonight! ha!
      The face was hilarious...next time, I will get a pic!
      Thanks for coming by!

  7. Cameras are bound to die at the most inopportune times. We were taking a video of my daughter tossing Beanie Babies at a little guy I babysat (Actually, it was Vinegar) when the collie dog landed right on his head. It was hilarious! Unfortunately the battery dies just seconds before.

    I'm sure Vivian won't mind going for another ice cream cone. :)

    1. That is too funny, Martha...You could have made it on "Funniest Home Videos"!!!!
      She will LOVE going for another cone!
      And I will definitely get pictures of that!!

  8. Those darn camera batteries always crap out at the worst times!

  9. Yes those darn batteries. Always carry an extra set in your camera bag.
    I know about crippling and gardening. Worked in my garden yesterday cutting back day lillies and pulling weeds. The ground was so hard. Didn't get the rain.
    Not as young as we used to be EH!

    1. I now have 2!!! This was my new camera from Christmas, and I never got around to buying another battery...Now I am prepared!! ha!
      Sounds like a day like mine! Yes, the ground was hard...and dry!
      We haven't had rain for awhile...supposed to start this evening into the morning!! Here's hoping!

  10. My heart STOPPED at the bath picture .... oh, my goodness!! Linda

  11. EXACTLY what 45th parallel quilter said.
    love and cheers!

    1. Hi Tammy...glad to hear from you...hope you will be back blogging real soon!!


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