Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Morning Garden Tour....Back to Front

 When I got up this morning...after another rough coughy night...I decided to get my camera, and capture a few early morning shots in my back and front gardens...

Staring in the back...the Rose Of Sharon is just in bloom...I really need to trim back this bush in the fall...starting  to take over the kitchen window...but for now...I will just enjoy the blooms!

From there, I noticed a few of my Pink Phlox are shining...after these finish, I cut  them right back, and will usually get another burst of flowers in the fall...

The Goose-Neck Loosestrife are all plumped out....Love these little Perennials...Great spreaders, and the leaves turn a lovely golden color in the fall...

The Pink Coneflowers in the back, seem to have very bright orange centers...and less petals...perhaps too hot for them, as I face West in the back...

Some Daisies still plugging away...I guess it is time for some deadheading...

Perhaps tomorrow, as it is supposed to be a lot cooler...after another humid one and some rain today...


 The Balloon Flower is kind of poorly this year....I think the wind last weekend gave him a bit of a roughing up...

Golden Glow has tons of buds...

And...the Daylilies are on their last legs...

Time to cut off all the empty stocks..

I really hate that job!!! 

That basket of Begonias that I built is bigger and better than ever...




There...I feel better now! 

Dragon Wing Begonias bright and beautiful...

This is a totally awesome plant...

I always say I will get more of these...and I only get 2-3..

Next year for sure! 
These tiny Hens and Chicks are doing great....found them down the side...growing in some gravel!!! Must have come from another pot...rescued them...and they look fabulous!!

This Stephanotis was a gift from my daughter at Easter...She had told me to put her outside....and boy! she is doing fabulous....doubled in size, as I had transplanted her...and now she is sending up fresh flower buds....Fantastic!!

You may remember the other Hens and Chick that sent up a big flower spike...They were pink...and now they are fading...

Another thing to deadhead...I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow!!

Now...around to the front yard...

My planters are doing well, by the front door...

Sunshine Impatience..


White Impatience...

Variegated Potato Vine...this one is spectacular...

Licorice Plant...this has done really well this year...

complete with bee!!

My new Hydrangea still putting out new flowers...

And another basket of Dragon Wings on my front walk...


A sweet little sedum...

The Pink Cornflowers are more prolific at the front....

I leave these in the winter...

Adds a lot of garden interest, and the birds love the seeds...

The Black Eyed Susans are just opening up...and a few Daises left..

My daughter and SIL sent me this photo...
She was quite mesmerized with the candle on her cake!!!
Hope you are all having a great day...

I am back on antibiotics for my chest...feeling rather punky...

All I have done so far....is....well....YOU'RE LOOKIN' AT IT!!!! hahaha!!

Think I might tackle my dresser drawers today...rip everything out...

Very cleansing to do that....don't you agree???

Some rain and humidity expected for this afternoon...

I'm happy inside...just me and my dresser!!!

Perhaps I wil get my crochet hook out later...

Start a few warm weather projects...get a head start so to speak...

Enjoy the rest of your day....hope you made it all the way thru this lengthy post!!

                             Cheers!  :o)



  1. Your blooms are so bloomin' gorgeous! Everything looks so lush and green. Not here, in our arid desert!!! I wish!!
    XO KRis

    1. What are you talking about??? Your vegetable garden is awesome!

  2. "Rose of Sharon" always reminds me of the novel "The Grapes of Wrath" because that was the name of the pregnant teenager in the Joad family. But because of their Okie accents, they called her "Rosasharn."

    1. I saw that movie...but can't recall that...hmmmm..nope!

  3. I hope you feel better soon, Linda. Just you and your dresser, that made me laugh. I love to tear things apart to declutter and reorganize, it's like a passion in my laugh. Sad but true! :)

    1. A passion in my LIFE! See, I love it so much I had a Freudian slip and said "laugh." I do that a lot too. :)

    2. You are silly Jennifer...when I read your first comment, my brain said "life"...didn't even notice!!! I got the dresser cleaned out..more clothes to donate! Now I can actually "SEE" what I have!

  4. Very nice garden, but forget cleaning drawers. Not relaxing at all!

    1. Well...Furry Gnome....welcome to my blog...I hope you will visit often...I will check you out! and.....believe me....cleaning drawers is very therapeutic!!! But...you are a man...I suppose!

    2. I'm not aure I should respond to that, but guess who weeds my wife's hosta collection? Anyway, hope you're feeling better.

    3. I'll bet you do...right?
      But...I was referring to cleaning out the drawers...that women find that satisfying...nothing personal...jsut 'cause you are a man!! hahaha!

  5. The gardens are looking great. I really need to get out and deadhead too, but got too hot today.
    Cleaning out the drawers ... sounds good if you can fill with new :)

    1. Yup....deadheading for sure tomorrow...supposed to be 22 degrees...very refreshing! Perhaps I will venture out of here tomorrow...and buy some new stuff to fill up the drawers! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Your garden is gorgeous, Linda. Thank you for the stroll. I was just out in my garden doing some tidying up. (I too can't stand the job of cleaning up the lilies but but my lilly tree were just so spectacular this year, it made it all worth it:)

    I love your Stephanotis. I don't have any planted yet but you just reminded me so I put it on "the list" for next year. Their fragrance is heavenly!

    Your Balloon flowers look much healthy than mine this year. I have quite a few plants who are not reacting typically to the weather this year. I can't say I blame them, I'm not either, lol...

    I do hope you will be feeling better. Drinks lots of fluids with those antibiotics. And, forget the drawers. Like Linda said unless you plan on filling them with all new stuff!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...

    1. Did the drawers!!! Thanks for your bedside manner...feeling kinda lonely here without my boyfriend or Sweet Cheeks!!!! My Stephanotis is a houseplant...just outside for the summer...I am not sure if it would survivie one of our winters..

  7. Oh no! You are sick again???!! That's too bad! Hope you are better really soon so we can have tea!

    1. Yes...Devon I am sick again...and I am all alone here...YUCK!!!

  8. I'm sorry you're not feeling well Linda. Take care of that cough and continue to do nothing. :) Your flowers are really beautiful and you have such a variety of perennials.

    1. Thanks Pamela...Not easy to do nothing...but...I am trying...

  9. Love the Goose-Neck Loosestrife! That is the one thing I miss from the garden we tilled under over a year ago. On the bright side, I did get some weeding done up close to the house. I can find my Bee Balm now.

    1. I remember you saying that before, Martha...I thought they might come back for you...weeding??? YUCK!!! I must do some gardening tomorrow...if I feel better...had Bee Balm, but it faded away...red is not one of my favorite flower colours, anyway...

    2. I have some purple varieties that I like, but the red is pretty against our gray shingles.
      Have you made any Hollyhock dolls lately?

  10. SO GORGEOUS! some of the pictures... the play of sunlight on the flowers and the fresh air feeling coming through them are nothing less than exquisite!
    no cleaning out drawers and deadheading and working working...
    remember when your last cough turned into pneumonia!!!! good grief charlie brown!!!
    take care of YOU.
    what can i say? somebody has to boss you around.

    1. Then who better than you, Tammy...perhaps I will just go and paint my toes! ha!
      Drawers already done...perhaps I will get some sleep tonight...I miss my boyfriend!!!

  11. Beautiful blooms. Currently I only have begonias flowering. Can't wait for Spring so I'll have more pretty flowers in the garden.

    1. Welcome Trishie....all the way from Australia! Cool!
      ONLY Begonias!!! They are my favorite!

  12. Uh oh! Hope you get 100% real soon! Happy birthday to Vivian! What
    a fast year! You and your garden are looking gorgeous! So nice to see a little bloom.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline...Hope you are well..

  13. You must pend hours and hours to keep your garden so beautiful. I am envious! We are working on ours but we have a long time to go.

    1. Not really...the perennials do all the work....but...thanks, I am flattered!


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