Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bugs...Blooms...Birds...Bonfire...and a Beautiful Moon...

These were all taken last weekend at the cottage..

I hope you enjoy them...

Picked up Vivian early this afternoon...

Got another swim in with her...

Love these special times with her...

I hope there are many more in the future.. 

She is napping now...

So I have a few minutes of spare time!! Ha!

While she is sleeping...I had a chance to make a few salads for dinner...

I cooked up some bow-tie pasta last night...and some wee new potatoes...

Added peppers,sun-dried tomatoes,black olives,goats cheese,red onion and Italian dressing to the pasta...

Radishes,celery,green onions and peppers to the potatoes...cut into 4's...
Added mayonnaise, and a generous grind of cracked pepper...

Today is in the mid 30' a nice cool dinner, of cold cuts, sliced beets and salads is just perfect...

Still cannot get my editing to work in Picasa...tried in Pic-Monkey, but the font is different for my I scrapped the whole thing!

Thinking it is time to change my whole style of blogging...

Not sure what...yet....but definitely thinking of it....

Hope you are having a great day...

                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Oh, I do hope your style doesn't change too much - I love your blog and photos. Throw the picassa off the cliff with that raccoon. Love all the pics as always, your photos always cheer me. The moon, the fire, the flowers, the bugs, the birds, all great.

    I don't know what you are editing - apart from your monogram - as they all look pretty perfect to me.

    Hope you are able to decide, and that you are not too hot and had a good swim!


    1. Gee thanks Amy...
      So glad my photos cheer you up!
      I just feel like I am doing the same posts all the time...
      I sometimes like to edit the intensity of the colours..or crop the photos...
      We had 2 swims with Vivian...and one with my boyfriend after our walk!

  2. The flowers are so pretty still and I noticed that no bugs are eating your coleus! I stopped buying it as the earwigs etc. kept chewing them. I love the photo of "Gertrude and Heathcliff" (the seagulls). Do you remember Red Skelton's skit he did about the two seagulls? So funny. The birds in the bath are sweet. It's hot hot hot here today. Humidex of 37. Wish I had a pool.
    Keep cool!

    1. earwigs on my is HUGE!!!
      Aren't those seagulls hilarious...and yes I do remember Red Skelton!!
      Still hot here as well...

  3. Lovely photos !
    I use Windows Live Writer for my posts . Hope you get your blog style sorted I love your posts . Yup pretty nasty and humid here to ! Oh your pasta salad sounds YUMMY ! Have a good day !

    1. The salads were excellent...just right for a hot day!

  4. I love all these flowers, it must be so lush there. I think change can do you good; I haven't done much different with my blog since I started it but I do like to move things around now and then. Can't wait to see what you do. :)

    1. Perhaps that is what I should do...move things around a bit...less crowded...
      I will have to think about that one!

  5. good lord.
    i just kept scrolling . . . thinking the last one was the best! til the next one.
    i don't know why you would change this blog.
    although it's a known fact how creative you are. and creativity thrives on change and new pursuits!
    but nobody does flower and wildlife pictures like you do. the bee . . . bottoms up!
    and mr and mrs sea gull.
    and . . .
    oh yes.
    that birdbath is SO DEEP!!! is one bird DROWNING!!! HELP birdy 911 !!!
    put a nice flat rock in there cc girl!!!! xoxoxo

    1. The birdbath is as old as me!!! It came with the cottage...
      We tried a rock...but I think they like the deepness...for a really good bath!
      We have 2 other birdbaths..not as deep...and they mostly drink from those ones...the Robins LOVE the deep one!

    2. i should have known they're in good hands! i'll never worry again!

  6. Still lots of lovely blooms at your cottage. Cutie little robin in the birdbath.
    Do you have Picasa downloaded to your computer? there was recently an update that caused some problems and perhaps that is what is giving you grief. I took the update out awhile ago and it works just fine. Just a though
    We had a lovely day up in Gananoque on a 1000 Island Cruise.

    1. My son downloaded Picasa 3...and I am clueless on that one!
      I have just been using the old creative kit...but won't work anymore...
      Guess I need a lesson on the Picasa 3...I will have to look into that!
      How do you undo an update???
      We took the kids down to the 1000 Islands years ago...very pretty...
      I am sure you took some great photos!

    2. You can search Picasa 3.8 and find the old download page and download that one, but first check to see what version of Picasa you actually have on your computer. The other option is to go to your Picasa album online, choose the image you want to edit, click Action, and choose Edit in Creative Kit.

  7. LOVE your blog and the pictures of the flowers take my breath away ... can you tell me the name of the white flower that looks like a star or about to "unfurl" ... I don't think I've ever seen that one! The gladiolas are amazing and 6 of them for $1.99 ... how could you NOT purchase some??? Linda

    1. That would be the Datura...aren't they awesome?
      I dedicated a few posts to that flower already...

  8. Your photos are just stunning!! And about the temp....mid 30's! Are you kidding me?
    xo Kris

    1. 30 celsius Kris...about 90F!!!
      Sorry about that!

  9. That duck looks like he has something to say.

    I think it would be marvelous to be a bug and live inside a flower.

    1. He does Birdie...he says he wishes he was a bug,and could live inside a flower!!! hahaha!

  10. I love your weekly cottage getaways. Love the flowers, the friends, and the fires on the beach. I'm not ready for summer to end yet, but I am ready for a slower pace. I think I'll be loving September.

    1. Why, thanks Martha! I also enjoy your posts...very humorous and well written!
      Summer isn't over yet...don't fret...lots of time to complete your to do list!

  11. Wow, you got some lovely photos here...gorgeous flowers and some really sweet shots of the birdies! So sweet! I didn't read the other comments, but wonder if you delete picasa from your computer and reload it if that would help. Just a thought...must be very frustrating. Although your photos look editing needed! :)


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