Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weekend Guests....Lovely....

 My boyfriend got the deck all organized...

Umbrellas up!!!

Chairs in place...cushions plumped...tables in place...

Waiting for our Saturday guests to arrive...

Devon and Mark....YAY!!!!

Devon got a sliver...{ouch!}...

My boyfriend got her our wee sewing kit...so she could work on it!!! 

I borrowed Devon's camera for a while...she and Mark were looking at them!!
I wonder how they turned out!?

We did a "selfie"...and I had my stupid glasses on...i can't take pictures without my trusty glasses!! Blind as a bat!

We decided to go down to the Beach...

And see what was photogenic!

I took pictures of Devon!!! ha! 

I found a lovely feather...

Check out the size of that bonfire!!!

That will be quite a fire!!!

Sun setting on the Lake...

We retired to the sunporch for a delicious meal of ribs...

onion soup potatoes...

greek salad...

Took a few photos..


They were...




I made a gluten-free plum crisp...that was AWESOME!!!

We enjoyed that on the deck...along with a sky full of stars...

Crescent Moon...and fire pit... 

We listened to music...laughed...and my boyfriend and I had a dance!!!

Mark taking photos of the fire-pit!







Nope...no pics!

Morning brought this awesome sky...

And we enjoyed a hearty breakfast...

Complete with Orange juice...

Coffee...toast, jam...

And some strawberries...

I know that we had a wonderful time...

I hope our guests did as well!!

Thanks again for the "Disco Bell" Hibiscus...

I am sure it will flourish!!!

Hope you all had a great day...

My picasa editing still not working..

Used Pic-Monkey to "soften" my pic!! ha!

On the menu tonight...

        BBQ'D Steak...mushrooms & peppers...taters....coleslaw...

                  Can't wait to eat!

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. What a nice weekend with your friends! I love your selfie, you both look very nice and the softening is flattering but not fake-looking. It's nice. I'm still so glad to hear you make those onion-soup potatoes; I haven't had them in years but I always loved them when I was a kid.

    1. Thanks Jennifer...Devon is a LOT younger than me...I guess you guessed that!
      Yup...those onion soup potatoes are always a hit!!! And gluten-free as well!!

  2. Wonderful weather ... wonderful food ... wonderful company.

    Too bad Picasa still not working for you, I did give it a try and it seemed okay.
    We had a very brief rain shower today, just a few minutes. Visited some thrift stores and second hand clothing stores (not Value Village but nice independent ones we have in town) ... got a couple of nice tops and an adorable little wooden baby cradle for LIttle Pumpkin (3.5 year old granddaughter that was born on Hallowe'en, hence my name for her)

    1. Wonderful....
      No rain here...but windy and chilly..I need to go thrift shopping!
      Love that nickname...very cute!
      Picasa still not working for me...ARRRRGH!

  3. Looks like you had a great time...yummy food, lovely weather and great friends! Can't ask for any more than that!

  4. Some feathers have been dropped by angels. I know this to be true.

    1. I always think of that Birdie...
      That is why I always try and take pictures of them...:o)

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend with your guests ! Awesome photos . Thanks for sharing ! Have a great day !

  6. Love the morning clouds over the lake! We are so blessed to have these wonderful lakes so close by. So often I take it for granted when I really should be soaking in every moment I can. Now how to move my house another half mile or so north...

    1. Get crackin' on that! Only 1/2 a mile?
      The Great Lakes are pretty awesome!
      The morning sky was awesome...we drank our first cup of coffee out there!

    2. We're a little less than a mile, or about 1.5 km from the lake. Not far at all. Close enough for it to keep us a little cooler in the summer and dump a lot of snow on us in the winter.

    3. Perfect position, Martha...

  7. Loved my visit, as I always do! Fun times at the lake!! Love hubby's yellow shirt! Loved the photos!
    xo Kris

    1. Thanks Kris!
      Hope you had a good time at your lake!!

  8. Aw......aren't you all too cute! Exactly when did you see the UFO.....I'm guessing maybe after a few "pops"? Looks like you all had fun and......dancing as well!!!

    1. Let's see....Margaritas....Beer...Red Wine...YUP! That is about the time we saw the UFO!!! ha! ALL except my boyfriend...who was inside at the time! How convenient!

  9. OMG
    to be a guest at keaveney court!!!
    of course i'd only have to take a train a plane two busses and a taxi to get there.
    but it would be worth it i'm sure! LOL
    and i'm glad to get to know devon. have enjoyed her comments for a long time now.
    you're a cutie pie and you surely must know it by now. glasses or no glasses.
    the first picture blew me away. such richness of color. light. shade.
    beautiful! xo

    1. I'll pick you up at the airport...only 20 minutes from here!
      Devon is {was} my fitness instructor...I haven't been since the pnuemonia thing...Hope to get back at it in September!

  10. It sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Great photo of you and Devon and I like your glasses! It's great to enjoy the outdoors so much in the summer isn't it? And fall too of course. It's coming and hopefully it will be nice. Hugs. Pam

    1. Those are my $ store glasses...I do have prescription for reading etc...
      Just don't like wearing them!
      I also love the fall...great to be outdoors!

  11. Looks like a great time Linda, love the picture of the moon, and the sound of the plum crisp. Can you post me some!


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