Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Cute Little Addition To The Garden....

Remember that wee $2 wheel-barrow I picked up at a Garage Sale across the street at the cottage???


I picked up 3 Kalanchoes....and a Fresh basil plant...and how beautiful does she look???!!!

I think the earwigs have been nibbling at my 2 other Basil plants...

All that was left was a twig!

And....I just can't be without Basil!

 Two of the Kalanchoes are Doubles...So pretty....Love these...

This basket, is the last of the cucumbers...

I have kept these cantaloupe, hoping they will ripen...


I doubt it..:o(

There are still a few attached to the vine...


We'll see what happens!

We ate all the sweet little yellow and orange tomatoes...

Right off the plant!

I think next year....that will be the only kind I grow!!!

They are so delicious!

 Perhaps a few more watermelons next week...

I think that is where this Flower is attached!!!

I could grow these veggies...just for the sweet small flowers!!
threw this picture in...just because I thought it was so cool!!!

Hope you all had a great day...

Started out cooler today...but turned kinda muggy by the end!

Had a fun day with Sweet Cheeks...boy....

She is a busy little bee!! hahaha!

On the menu tonight...

       Roast Beef with all the fixins'!!!

        Roast Yams,Potatoes, and carrots...and lovely gravy...

          Of course....horseradish for my boyfriend!

              Already have a pot of beef soup on...and spaghetti sauce!


I have hardly had a minute to visit you guys...

I am going to do that this evening.......FOR SURE!!!

My Hiatal Hernia is bad today...I hate this!!!

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best Linda, too much doing and not enough relaxing? The little wheelbarrow looks very cute, I have been looking out for a Kalnachoe, haven't seen one yet, but when they are back in I am going to get one and think of you when I look at it! Sounds like you are doing a lot of cooking, hope that you have fun doing it.

    Take care of yourself my bloggy friend, love Amy xx

    1. I'll be fine...seems to flare up once a week...
      How lovely to think of me!! Thanks Amy...

  2. Hope you feel better soon ! Oh that little wheelbarrow is cute ! Papa here made one for me a few years ago in his wood shop and I love it ! It has been fall like here in our valley and lovely cool mornings and nights . Lovely photos ! Looks like quite the crop you have there wonderful ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  3. We had gorgeous yellow flowers all summer on our zucchini plants. And not a single zucchini to show for them. Darn it all -- guess no bees showed up?

    1. Seems to me I had more flowers than fruit, as well...
      Actually...no Zucchini for me either!! what the heck!?

  4. ugh...feel better!

    That little wagon is just adorable! Love what you did with it! Kalanchoe is one of my favorites...I have white ones. I love the leaves as much as the blooms!

    1. Yes...love the leaves...so thick and juicy! ha!

  5. I love the new plants in your little wagon. How cute! I've never seen a double kalanchoe before. They are really pretty! Sorry your HH is bothering you. Be careful what you eat. :)

    1. I am trying Pam...I don't know what is triggering it...

  6. Love your new addition. We picked a late in the season watermelon yesterday, but haven't cut it open yet. Maybe tomorrow.

    1. Hope it is nice and juicy.... :o)

  7. i hate to say this... but i can't believe a hateful hiatal hernia can be fixed with "meds" !!!
    methinks you're going to have to eventually face what i'm facing. only of course not the tummy on mine.
    and ... if you read my comment on the post before this one...
    YES. DUH! i'm finally going to have sense enough to subscribe by email.
    look at that! it's in plain blue ink. right there. in that little right hand corner. how dumb do i have to be? XOXOXO cheers darling cc girl. be well.

    1. You are not dumb at all....just crazeee!!! hahaha!

  8. Is Sweet Cheeks walking yet? Pictures, please, please, please.

    Your garden, as always has my in awe.

    1. Almost!!! Pushing things around...kitchen chairs,ottomans!!! ha! Any day now!
      I am glad you enjoy my garden...makes it all worthwhile!

  9. Love the little wheelbarrow! The combination of kalanchoe and basil looks really nice. Perhaps you shouldn't bend over and take so many pictures, haha, for your blog and then your HH wouldn't be so bad. Just a thought!

    1. Hey...if only it were that simple!
      Yesterday was the worst day yet!
      Hopefully it will subside for a while!
      I agree...the basil and kalanchoes look good together!

  10. Adorable little wagon, looks much better with the plants in it.

    1. I am thinking of painting it!
      And..next summer...the combinations are endless!!


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