Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fragrant, Fancy, Fabled, Fresh Freesia....

 As you all may recall...

My boyfriend and I celebrated 41 years of wedded bliss, earlier this week...

One of my daughters brought us 41 Freesia stems, to celebrate the occasion...{teensie white lie...actually 40 stems...they wouldn't sell her 41!}

There were enough...


Fill 3 vases...

One  small one for the family room...

One large one for the Hall table...

And another large for the living room table...


Let me tell you...

The fragrance has been wonderful.....all week!!!

Living Room...

Hall Table....Baby Birds that go with Big Birds!!!

Family room...

With my precious birds in the Living Room....

Aren't they wonderful?!

I have really enjoyed them all week...and they still look pretty darn good!!

Thanks Doll....:o)


Let's change the subject here...

You all know how much trouble I have been having editing my photos in Picasa... seems you have to go to Picasa3...which I have downloaded..

I hate it!!!

The effects are crummy...and I don't know how to get them back to my blog...


I went back to good old Pic Monkey...

Easy to navigate...good basic edits...and I move them to my desktop...

And then...into blogger...I then go not Picasa Web Albums, and delete the un-edited photos...


I used the "Soften" effect for all of these photos..

Thought it went nicely with the Mauve of the Freesia...

Too blurry looking???

Do you prefer the crisper photos???


There you have it.........What do you think?

Do you like Picasa3....or....Pic Monkey????



Hope you all had a great day...

Getting this post together, and then I am off to the bath with Miss V...

On the menu tonight...

     Panko crusted Roasted Sea Bass...

                   Fries...yay...and Fresh Yellow Beans!!!

                      also...I made some tartar sauce...mayo,relish,hot sauce,ground pepper 

Enjoy your evening...

Still kind of muggy here...but...definitely a lot cooler...

                                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. Gosh Linda, so many questions. Picasa has gone loopy on me today, and never tried pic monkey, plus I have gone a bit doolally today so I am not one to answer any of your very good questions.

    So, I will move to saying that it is nuts that the florist would not sell your baby 41 stems of fressia - on what grounds! However, the 40 stems are beautiful and what a lovely gift. Too worn out to say more, but I love ya kiddo!

    1. HA!
      My daughter IS the florist! would you know that, right?
      Sold by the bunch...40 in a bunch...
      I should have kept my dirty little secret!
      Get some rest!!! :o)

  2. I think for these pictures the softness is nice.

    I love fresh flowers. I just had to compost some gladiolas that I bought at the grocery store. So pretty!

    1. Why..thanks Birdie...I thought so too!
      I had some glads a few weeks back...and they were awesome!!
      Once the Fall surrounds us, I will start my weekly trek to the Greenhouse...
      For fresh flowers....FOR ME!!!

  3. Oh lovely flowers and photos ! I think I said Happy Anniversary earlier when you posted it but if not Happy Belated Anniversary he he ! I don't use any of these sites for my photos I use the program Lightroom a lower version of photo shop made by the same company . I do have photo shop but find Lightroom easier and it does have a lot that you can do to your photos , I take my photos in raw they adjust better then a JPEG it's like playing around with a negative fresh from the camera on your computer lol ! I hope you get it all sorted out nothing worse then having to fiddle and fart around just to post your photos ! Supper sounds delish ! Nice cool evening here this evening no more humidity YIPPEE !!! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Thanks Elaine! lost me there...not sure what in the "raw" means...but ...your photos are always great, so you obviously know what you are doing!
      Lovely and cool here as nice for a change!
      I will look up "lightroom" and see whats what!

  4. I don't have a clue about Picasa or Pic Monkey. What ever works for you and is easier and makes your blogs easier and the pictures lovely, whatever works for you!!! The pictures of the freesia or beautiful! I leave it to you to decide what works better for will make the right decision!

    1. I guess that makes you clueless, eh Devon!!! hahaha!
      I couldn't resist that remark...tee hee hee!!

  5. Freesia is one of my most favorite fragrances! What a lovely gift!

    I like's what I usually use. I go to Picmonkey when I need a photo reduced or speech bubbles...that's about the only thing Picasa3 doesn't have that I need sometimes.
    I don't use the picasa web albums, though...just my picture file on my laptop's library files.

    1. Really???
      I find it impossible to navigate...
      My pictures automatically go to Picasa web album...hmmmm..better get my techy son to have a look at that for me!
      The Freesia was a lovely surprise!

  6. I've been using Picasa 3 all along and haven't had any issues with it. I use pic monkey some too and if I want to do a collage. I find if I have an album on Picasa and make a collage that I can only make one collage per album. Annoying. So I make them with picmonkey too. :) Your freesia are beautiful and a lovely colour. I like the soft effect for them but not for all photos. Only certain ones. Some blogs use it for all their photos. I like to see the real thing. :) Just me.

    1. You must be very computer savvy, Pam...
      I am glad you like the soft effect...I agree...Only on certain photos...and this one spoke "soft" to me!
      I always use it on my own pictures...for that Doris Day glow!! hahaha!

  7. What a lovely gesture from your daughter!

    1. Yes it was.....wasn't it Debra! are great!

  8. Hi Linda,

    I love Freesia! I can't tell you how many times I have planted Freesia bulbs to no avail. One day I will try again. I can just imagine the fragrance wafting through the house. Does it feel like spring again, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    P.S. I haven't gone sea-side, yet. I'm having a very trying, unusual week. I should be posting on Sunday "good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze:) Thanks for asking...

    1. Thanks Louise!
      I have never attempted these...not so good with bulbs! ha!
      Will look for your next post!

  9. Lovely photos, personally I prefer crisp looking photos. I have Picasa 3 on my Mac and it works fine. I just use it for creating mosaic images. I only use PicMonkey once in a while if I want to add a quick frame to a photo. Most of the time I use Picasa (almost like Photoshop/Lightroom) for my editing and adding of text. The choice is ultimately yours as to what you feel the most comfortable with and what gives you the results you want.

    Big change in temperature today ... almost chilly!

    1. I think i will try and pin down my son, and look at some other options!
      Thanks for your input!
      Cool here as well...13!!
      Out for a day trip to the it will be chilly out there!
      Have a great weekend!

    2. That is supposed to be Pixelmator (almost like Photoshop/Lightroom) and not Picasa

  10. I've never actually seen freesia in real life. I've seen lots of pictures and then there are perfumes and air fresheners and such. I would really like to see some and smell it to see what it's really like.

    1. Get to your local florist shop...and get yourself some!
      You deserve to enjoy the fragrance!!!


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