Saturday, 14 September 2013

One Day Late....

Yes...Yesterday was Friday the 13th...and you know what that means here n Ontario...YUP....all the bikers head to Port Dover...a quaint summer town on the shore of Lake Erie....We passed quite a few on the highway, on our way to the cottage...We only went for a short trip, as we have a wedding to attend to day...But...even though it was cloudy and pretty cool, We thoroughly enjoyed the outing!

Now....let's get to some beach pictures!!!

The Lake was really low...

And a nice sandy beach had appeared...

Whenever the wind is from the North...

You are always guaranteed a calm lake...and usually a sandy beach...

I love a North Wind!!

A lot of new rocks were on the beach...

Rather large ones!!

Somebody lost their flip-flop!!

 These tiny sunflowers sprang up from seed, under a feeder I had hung down there...

 They are quite small..

But very proud!!!


More devastation on the beach!!!

Someone really loves the watermelon and cantaloupe!!

But.....just between you and me...

They keep missing this one at the top of the beach garden...


Perhaps ONE will make it to ripeness!! 

This Mullion plant has been growing on the beach all summer...


And I captured it while still wet from the rains...

It is a native plant...and the foliage is a soft grey...almost like lamb's ears!!!


Hope you enjoyed our day-trip to the cottage....

I got lots of great photos, which I will share later...

Thanks for all your input on my photo editing problems...

AS you can see....these are Au Naturel...not even my initials...


Must get showered and beautified for the wedding...

My kids will be here at at 1pm... 

Enjoy your day.....I hope to!!

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. I love the little sunflowers on the beach, they have to be unique, they are just darling. Hope you had a fun day yesterday with the bikers and on the beach, the weather made for very atmospheric pictures, regardless of any editing. I take it the munched melons are courtesy of the &^(£%!) again. If he keeps on like this he will get coal in his stocking at christmas! Hope you had a great time at the weddin and a good weekend afterwards - we are expecting storms here!

    1. They were very cute!
      I will definitely give him coal!!!hahaha! or one of those chewed up melons!
      The wedding was great!

  2. That little wild sunflower is so cute! Enjoy the wedding...always such a fun, happy occasion! Gorgeous cool day, blue sky and not a cloud. Might get that little firepit going for s'mores afterall!

    1. Yes....we saw all of my boyfriends siblings, as some of them live out of town!
      Hope you got your firepit going!

  3. Me too...I just love the sunflowers against that rocky background - so pretty! And, I keep looking at those big, heavy, puffy clouds in the sky. Beautiful photos :)

  4. I like your beach shoes. Enjoy the wedding!

  5. I love how the beach is always changing, bringing you new treasures to photograph.
    Hope it was a lovely wedding and you didn't outshine the bridal party. :)

    1. is a whole new ball game every week!!!
      How could I ever outshine a bridal party!?

  6. If you ever arch the culprit in the act I would hate to be the creature that is destroying your garden.

    1. I will mame him...for sure!!!! hahaha!

  7. I hope the wedding was lovely. I'm pulling for you with that melon! I hope they never do find it and it's all yours to enjoy. :)

    1. ME too Jennifer!!!
      Will let you know next week!

  8. YES. you could outshine a bridal party you silly cc girl. so you must wear dark glasses and be very demure. LOLOL.
    i love visiting the cottage. ANY weather. ANY time. there is a particular beauty i think in these pictures . . . a silver quality to the air and the water.
    can't wait to see pics of the famous wedding!!! xoxo

    1. now!
      The great niece...was absolutely is her was quite an Affair To Remember!!

  9. Fun pictures of the beach and I like the cute little flowers that sprung up. I hope the wedding was lovely. Have a great week!


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