Sunday, 27 October 2013

Last Friday At The Lake......

 Last Friday at the cottage...


To say the least...


Mixed bag...

Of weather...


Heavy cloud...

A brisk West wind...



A showering of Hail!!!

The shingles were delivered....and placed atop the cottage...

I took several shots of that scary adventure....

The roofer has no teeth....and a pony-tail....gotta love it!!!

The view of the Lake was especially beautiful that day....♥

My boyfriend got a few things put away...while I took pictures!!! ha!


Hope you are all having a great day....

Drove out and picked up Miss V, as my daughter is not feeling well...

This is quite a bug going boyfriend is decidedly better...

She will stay over-nite with us, so her Mom can get some rest...♥

She is napping I got this post ready for publication!!!


On the menu this fine Sunday night....

       Meatloaf with gravy, homemade fires, yellow beans...


Weather is kooky again!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                             Cheers!  :o)



  1. Replies
    1., now that you have everybody's attention....what was it that you were going to comment?!
      Anybody there???

  2. Sorry to hear your daughter is sick now. That roofer sounds charming...I sure hope you'll be discussing him some more. :)

    1. Ha!
      I doubt I will ever see him again..except when my boyfriend pays him!

  3. Replies
    1. Why...thank you Furry....thanks for stopping by!

  4. The water and the sky look so pretty. Love the blue in the sky and the pretty grasses. It looks like the low single digits most of the week here and cold at night. Friday says 14. I like that! ;)

    1. Yes...I think the lake looked beautiful that day!
      Single digits here as well...and of course...rain!!

  5. Brrr...we're having some of that weather, here, too! Never sure if it's going to snow or rain or just blow!
    We did have some bright sunshine somewhere in between! :)

  6. Sorry to hear that your daughter is now sick. Our family has all had it too. Share, and share alike!!!
    Beautiful shots at the cottage. I imagine your area is getting quite chilly now. Nice!!!!

    1. Not too chilly....supposed to warm up again at the end of the week...

  7. The weather might have been a bit tricky but it made for some spectacular pics. Hope Miss V's mum is on the mend soon. Looking forward to hearing more abouttoothless. Having a hurricane here just now, so off to check on the trees - eek!!

    1. Saw that on the news about the big blow over there...glad you are ok!!
      Hopefully toothless was hard at it today....will keep you posted!!
      Enjoy your evening..

  8. I posted a reply here last night and it has vanished somewhere in cyberspace.
    I love seeing photos of the lake ... the changing colours, the waves, the treasures it washes up on the beach for you.
    Hope daughter is feeling better, and you do what I do, give them a bit of rest by looking after the kids.
    Hope the roofing situation is all done and waterproofed soon.
    Have a great day.

    1. Not sure what happened, Linda...
      Glad you enjoy the cottage pics...I always enjoy getting out there, and seeing what is new!
      She took Miss V home early hope she is better!
      We loved having her..♥

  9. It looks like my comment has vanished also, either that or I am losing my marbles (which is entirely possible).
    I do recall agreeing about the kooky weather and blaming it on the Lake which has produced some pretty amazing looking winter clouds as of late. And I am hoping your little one stays healthy and that her mommy feels better soon.
    You are a wonderful grammy to take such good care of them. You deserve a cookie.

    1. do live in LALALAND!!!
      The clouds on the way home were INCREDIBLE...but I was no shots..:o(
      Think everyone is finally on the mend...
      I want a will have to bring me one! ha!
      Enjoy your evening...


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