Thursday, 17 October 2013

When Along Came A Spider....And Sat Down Beside Her....Actually..A Crab Spider!!

 Last weekend at the cottage....while relaxing in the sun...on the beach deck...

Along came this Spider...

And sat down beside us...

And said...{now remember...this is The Spider it??? good...I know, things TALK to me...that is why you love my blog so much!!! tee hee hee....}

"Hey Linda....I hear your blog is nearly 2 years old"...

"Congratulations on this Linda....Keep up the good work"...

"Your Peeps tell me, they like your blog a lot"....

"So........for that reason.....I will spare you both"....{my boyfriend and I were really pleased to hear this, as he has had some nasty spider not so much...perhaps, because I talk to them!!!}

"Off I go.....under the deck....or.....perhaps I will climb those beautiful Dianthus you have flowering October!!"

"Hey........I actually think I see one of my friends on that second picture....good job, I go...thanks for not squishing me..."

"What an awesome gardener you are, Linda....Well done"...

"Oh yeah....Happy 2 Year BLoggaversary".... 

"See 'ya....."

 I just had to share these Dianthus....

Must get them into the ground, as they are still in a planter...

Aren't they beeeeeeutiful????

As I sit here....with a big cup of Cinnamon-Apple Tea...

And a big slice of moist, fragrant, spicy Apple Pie Bread...type into my search bar for recipe...

I am thinking about things...

What ask!!!

Well.....For one thing...



2 years of blogging...

517 published posts...

Where does the time go?


I have really enjoyed meeting all of you lovely gals....

Sharing my love for gardening, entertaining,crafting, collecting, my cottage....

And of course...Family  :o) 

Yes...Family...#1 on my list....

You always come thru with beautiful comments...

And words of encouragement....

Much appreciated....:o)

And you are all over the country....

And.....all over this big world of ours...

From the East Coast....thru Ontario...across the B.C....

Down to California....Oklahoma....up to New York State....Michigan....Ohio....

And across the pond to Britain....and down under to Australia....

Almost forgot....New Mexico.....:o)


Hope you are all having a great day....

I am putzing around the house...watering plants...arranging a few Halloween know...THAT kind of day...:o)

On the menu tonight....{a repeat from last daughter & SIL loved it!!!}

       BBQ'D Cajun Filet of Sole....

               BBQ'D Potatoes with sour cream and chives....

                    Fresh Asparagus...still a low price on that!!!

                        Tomatoes, Avacadoes and goats cheese...a big fave here!!!


        Enjoy the rest of your day...

         Mixed bag here again....sunny, cloudy,dark,humid...

                                   Cheers!  :o)



  1. Happy bloggaversary to you, Happy bloggaversary to you, Happy bloggaversary dear Linda, Happy bloggavesary to you!!!!

    I'm glad the little spider spared you! I would hate to be without your lovely blog lighting up my life, and I love being part of your blog family from across the pond!

    Hope your boyfriend is celebrating with you. xxxxx

    1. Well...I am glad that you are glad!!!!
      I don't think he knows it has been 2 years!
      This is kinda MY thing.....not his! hahaha!
      Thanks for the song!!!

  2. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. The dianthus are very pretty, I like their shape. I am afraid I wouldn't have stuck around to listen to the spider. I wouldn't squish it, but it would put some distance between us.

    1. Thanks Tracey....the spider was kind of minding his own business...when we pushed him with the newspaper, he went "On Guard"...No wonder he is called a Crab Spider!! hahaha!

  3. That was one chatty spider ... must try having a conversation with the ones we see here.
    Two years in the blogosphere ... where does the time go.
    We've been out today ... had to wait while a strip was replaced on the van (no fault of mine, it just started coming off), then off to the library for some new reading material, then a few errands before home. Now I'm catching up with efriends. It sounds like your family is spread around as much as ours is.

    1. Perhaps I am the "Spider Whisperer".....ha!
      Sounds like you had pretty full day...

  4. Happy Two Years! How wonderful. Blogging is great, isn't it? We get to meet and share our lives with so many wonderful people all over the world. Love that! And you're a highlight in my day, you really are!

    I need to make your apple pie bread....we love the lemon blueberry breakfast cake SO much!

    I've had a few bad spider bites before! I only squish them if they are inside and look big enough to cause a bad bite on someone (like me). ha. Don't want them seeking out my flesh while I sleep. lol....

    keep dinner warm...I'm on my way...that sounds wonderful! :)

    1. Me too!!! If they dare to enter....they take their chances for sure!!!
      Thanks for the kind words...coming from means a lot! :o)
      Raining here the menu is a tad different...Panko cajun Sole in the oven, with fries!!!
      Love it...either way....dinner around 6:30...ok??

  5. If that spider came up to me, I would have squished it! Sorry. Congratulations on your two years of blogging! I love your blog! So glad we met!!
    xo Kris

    1. Me too, Kris...I am heading over to you right now!!!

  6. Happy two bloggy birthday!
    I am not sure I will be able to stay off the blog, maybe I'll take a Facebook sabbatical.
    Love your spider friend. I had a giant spider outside my back door last year. People kept telling me to squish it, but I just liked watching her grow. It was huge! And then my grape vine wreath fell onto the woodpile and she disappeared forever.

    1. Well...that's fine with me...I don't do facebook!!!
      I also love watching spiders....FROM AFAR!!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Leslie....long time no see!!!

  8. Aw, what a kind little spider. Happy anniversary to you!

    1. He was, Jennifer...he really was!!! hahaha!

  9. Cool chatty spider and he looks neat, too!
    Happy 2 year Anniversary of your blog! I am sure you can get to over a 1,000 blogs in the next two years! Onwards and upwards!

    1. I better get started!!!!
      And to have read every one!!!
      You must be tired!!! probably need a cup of tea!...:o)

  10. So you talk to spiders. Or rather, they talk to you. Hmmm. I don't care for them but I know they are good garden friends. Maybe I should listen to them more. Happy 2nd year of blogging! Times goes so fast doesn't it? I love your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you since I started following you. Keep on blogging Linda! Blessings to you. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pam...
      You are one of the reasons I love blogging!!

  11. I talk to spiders and I am sure you are not at all surprised by that.

    . .╚⊙ ⊙╝..
    . .╚═(█)═╝

    And here is another...


    They wish you a happy second anniversary!

    And so do I! :-)

    1. Why am I not surprised at that!!!
      Thanks for the artwork....:o)

  12. Happy blog anniversary from me!

    1. Why thanks for stopping by, Jay...


Oh...I do love anonymous comments allowed...and you know who you are....