Sunday, 15 December 2013

Toasty and Warm......By The Fireside.....

 Just as it was starting to get dark....

Last night...

The backyard took on a beautiful red glow...


I just wanted to share it with all of you

The shadows of the Miscanthus play off the fresh snow...

The red from my small fairy lights casts an incredible reddish hue on everything....

It continued to snow all night and into this morning....

My boyfriend got the  snow-blower out, and did his thing!

The backyard will remain untouched...

Except for my footsteps to the feeders♥

Just look at the red glow on the Miscanthus outside my kitchen...

I LOVE this!! Makes the evenings so enjoyable as well!

This is taken thru the Living Room window...

Looking out at the front steps...

Again....the glow from the red spotlight is fabulous!

Don't you agree???

How do your lights look at night? 

Doesn't it just make you smile.........

the backyard looks like a winter wonderland

 Here is where I settled in for the evening
Warming my tootsies by the fire....
Does it get any better than this????


Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday evening.....and having a wonderful Sunday...
Warm and cosy inside...
Big cup of tea...something sweet...dreaming of Christmas morning...


Hope to get out for another walk later...
No driving for us today!
Took a lot of pics thru the windows this morning...
Hope to see your snowey pictures!!!


On the menu this Sunny Snowey Sunday...

             I'm thinkin'.....Breakfast for dinner!
                       Ham......scrambled eggs.....toast.....home fries...
                        Everything in the fridge....ready to go!! hahaha!


      10 more days to go.....I have a date with some wrapping paper and bows.....
                         Enjoy your Sunday♥

                          Cheers!  :o)


  1. Today h as been incredibly lazy. I took a nap and am now more tired than when I first lay down. Must have slept harder than I realized. Maybe a cold glass of milk or water would wake me up, or a hop through he snow bank...
    Gotta love a good snowblower on days like this.
    You photos are beautiful.

    1. Me too, Martha....a little bit of everything...amounting to nothing!
      So nice that you had a nap!

  2. Oh, I like the idea of breakfast for dinner - have to say that before I forget! Your lights look amazing, it is wonderful how they shine through the snow and make everything glow. You really do have a LOT of snow there Linda! The garden with all of the lights and snow on everything looks so pretty. Keep warm by the fire sounds like a very good idea! xx

    1. I love the lights!
      We do have fairy lights in the backyard, that are on all year round....
      Hate looking out into a dark backyard...
      Lots more snow to dig....tomorrow!!

  3. oh dear heart
    this post is nothing but pure enchantment! the lights and shadows on the snow. the cold wonder of it all!
    right down to the cosy fire inside later.
    thank you thank you thank you! for sharing your beautiful life with us common folk! LOLOL
    speaking only for myself of course . . . but straight from the heart! XOXO ♥
    . . . and breakfast for dinner was one of my bob's favorites! brought back many fond memories.

    1. Ha! The common that who you think you are?!♥
      I think not, Tammy....
      Breakfast for dinner is going to be great....easy...and fast!
      Free up more crochet time!

  4. Breakfast for dinner sounds good to me. I forgot to take out the pork roast so I think I'm going to do the same thing. Your yard is just gorgeous! So very, very beautiful with the lights and snow. I like your fireplace picture too. Thanks for taking me through your day.

    1. Thanks so much,Kathy....anytime!

  5. Lovely rosey glow on everything and I love the snow caps on the ornaments and feeders!

    We had a perfectly lovely lazy day, too! It was just what we needed before another busy week!

    We had omelettes, fruit and pound cake! :)

    1. Oh...your dinner sounds delish! Pound cake is a big favorite of mine!
      Kind of a lazy you say...tomorrow..back to reality!
      Hope I can get off the street with my car!
      Must pick up Miss V!!

  6. I am liking the red lights in the snow Linda. I've been thinking about getting more coloured lights in our outside decor. The big cedar tree has coloured lights but the rest are the blue white ones and I really prefer the warm white but am not about to spring for new sets. I'd like to have the smaller twinkle lights but haven't seen outdoor ones. I must go looking. The red lights make such a pretty glow under the snow. Speaking of which, we got a lot of it today. It's over now.

    1. I was lucky enough to find the old style lights at Wal-Mart....I add a few every year!
      The backyard lights are the LED...they stay out all year, and come on in the summer as well...on a timer! It just makes it nicer to look out, and see the lights♥

  7. Replies
    1. Your comments always make ME glow, Debra!

  8. Oh it is true the red glow adds magic I LOVE your festive creative photos. Your breakfast sounds good wish I lived closer. Enjoy the beauty. B

  9. The lights make everything look magical. We love breakfast for dinner too :)

    1. I think it is unanimous!!
      Breakfast for dinner is very popular!!

  10. That beautiful red glow is mesmerizing, Linda. It looks like you got so much more snow than us but then I haven't ventured into the yard yet to check.

    The lights reflecting on the snow and fauna looks simply enchanting. I need to get me more lights:)

    Thank you so much for sharing your winter wonderland with us Linda. Cute tootsies:)

    1. You are welcome pleasure!

  11. So much snow! How many inches now?
    It's looking really Christmassy there, beats our horrible grey rain.

    1. 40 is certainly looking Christmasey...hope it lasts til then!

  12. Pretty photos. Everything looks very festive and definitely like a winter wonderland now. Enjoy your week and stay warm, Linda. :)

  13. I just saw your comment on my blog Linda, thank you so much for your kind words about my art.
    Gorgeous photos, that really is a pretty glow.
    Love the name of your blog!

    1. Welcome Lynne....your dogs are adorable!
      Hope you visit often!

  14. That is truly a beautiful display of colour from your yard.
    I have seen anything that pretty in a long time!

    1. Why thanks!!!
      I appreciate that!!

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