Sunday, 5 January 2014

Guess What?

Guess what??

It is snowing..


I thought.....

How about...

A few pics...





Hopefully.....Pretty soon....I'll be shovelling these!!!

How cool will that be........

But....seriously...enough with the snow already....

And this crappy bug that keeps hanging around me and my boyfriend....



I know....

Chill out....relax....deep breath....phew!


Hope you are all having a better day....

THe hockey game ended in a 7-1 loss for the Leafs.... was darn chilly a the Air Canada Centre...

Enough of my complaining.....


On the menu this snowy Sunday...

                   Freshly made spaghetti sauce....crusty bread....ceasar salad....


A beautiful apple,raspberry,strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry pie....

 In the oven RIGHT NOW!!!!

Perhaps it will be desert before dinner today!!!!


 Don't forget.....Downton Abbey premiere tonight......♥

But first.. a picture of the awesome Miss her bubble bath♥♥♥♥

courtesy of Erika♥♥♥
                      I feel a lot better now.......

                                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. What a cutie! Stay warm in that snow. I'll be watching Downton tonight too!

    1. Hey Jen.....this snow is really getting on my nerves.....can you tell? Ha!
      We'll compare notes tomorrow!

  2. ahhh, the "no snow " photos are so nice to look at, your dinner sounds wonderful, sweet little bath tub baby!

    1. Hey Laurie....guess you are snow tired as well!
      Can't wait for gardening season!

  3. What a nice change from your lovely snow pictures. Love that shade of pink....I could live in that color!

    Love the sea shells...and Miss V...what a hoot...she is deliciously cute.

    1. Isn't she??!
      She really enjoys her bath♥️
      I love pink flowers!

  4. Snow. In Canada. At this time of year. Surely not!! I haven't heard of such a thing!!!!! You really will be glad when you are shovelling sea shells won't you my dear. Hope that you enjoy Downton. We aren't in until the very very end, so don't watch out for us just yet, we will be there at the end though! Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!! xx

    1. Unbelievable, eh Amy?
      Snow in Canada....who,d a thunk it? Hahaha!
      We are all geared up for Downton....I,m starting the fire soon....
      And a big piece of pie with ice cream, too!

  5. Your beautiful pictures make me feel warmer. No, really they do. I'll be watching Downton Abbey too. Can't wait.

    1. Oh Kathy.....glad I made you feel warmer♥️
      Perhaps some beach pictures for tomorrow! Ha!
      Enjoy Downton!

  6. Hello sweet girl. I have missed you! I have been so darned busy, that I have barely opened my computer. I am all caught up now. Loved your gnome! Loved the pics of Miss V and the squirrel. Loved seeing your non snowy post. Hated to hear you are still battling the bug. Do get well!!!
    I have much to report...if I ever get organized enough to blog, I will! Been very busy, and going a mile a minute. Good to be busy, but I am TIRED!!! Resting now with two of my grands...on the bed watching Despicable Me 2.
    xo Kris

    1. Thanks Kris.....enjoy the movie♥️
      Will look for your post!

  7. And how could anyone not feel better after that picture of Vivian?

  8. Hi Linda...oh this post made me it!!! Hey heres one for you,I fell on the ice and chipped the bones in my foot..and I am now on crutches for a month..oh joy!!!! I like winter most years but not this time around,it can depart any time it wants!!!! Take it easy,talk to you soon! xo

  9. The Leafs lost? Sorry. (I won't say anything unkind here.) Thanks for the pretty flower pictures and the lovely shells too. It's actually warm enough to rain here today. The snow and ice are melting off the trees etc. But, it's going to be back to the freezer tonight. Should be a lovely mess out there tomorrow! Ice will be everywhere. I think the birdies are enjoying the bit of rain and warmer temperatures. Feel better soon!


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