Friday, 24 January 2014

Taking In The Afternoon Sun........

Captured this lovely gal from the kitchen the other day...

She was basking in the afternoon sun....

She is one of those 7 Cardinals who frequent my yard....almost daily...♥️

No snow left in these cedars....

But....still lots on the ground...

Here is the one Male...he is under the feeders....

Grabbing all the seeds that  Red knocks out!

And...of course....a few cute little Juncos...

The sun was putting on a great display that day...

Shining thru the grasses....and lighting them up....

The lid of one of the feeders looks very dramatic with the addition of some warm sunlight.... the dining room....

The Alstroemeria's are just about ready to fall...

enjoying the afternoon sun!
Hope you are all having a great Friday...

We are snug and warm again....thanks for all your kind thoughts!

We have Miss V with us today...

This will be our last sleepover for a while...:o(


On the menu this fine Friday...

           Easy peasy.....Spaghetti and Meat Sauce....Ceasar salad...parmesan crusty bread...

                        Perhaps some bruschetta... as an appetizer.....

                                                  If I am not too lazy!! hahaha!


Hard to this time next boyfriend and I will be "On the road again"...

           Making our way to the sunny south....I know it hasn't been really warm down there

           this year....but....I am sure....most of you will agree...


           Looking forward to walking the sandy beach...

           Meeting up with some friends....

           Getting furry hair......hahaha!

           And.....watching that glorious sunset....from these awesome beach chairs!!

           Took this shot last year...we stayed next door....but this year....these chairs...

                                            ARE ALL OURS!!!!!

                           Enjoy the rest of your day....

                                    Cheers!  :o)




  1. Oh Linda, you and Betsy take the best "bird" pictures I've ever seen. My neighbor gives me her copies of Birds and Blooms, and they can't even touch the beauty you capture. Mrs. Cardinal is so stunning in those colors. It truly took my breath away when I open your blog and saw her.

    We look forward to a lazy weekend. I'm making old fashioned meatloaf and scalloped potatoes tonight. That was a staple in our house growing up. Mom made that sweet mustard, ketchup, brown sugar sauce..gonna do the same..Need some momma memories...Miss her so, and it's been way over 20 years.
    Enjoy your trip to the cottage. Sending smiles and hugs

    1. You say the sweetest things Wanda....thanks so much♥️
      Your dinner sounds scrumptious....just like Mom!
      Enjoy your weekend....

  2. I love the colours on the female Cardinal. We see lots of them here, too but mostly the male. Your photos are beautiful. Miss V is going to miss you when you are away. Dinner sounds kind of meal. I think my 'last meal' would include pasta. haha! Glad it's all toasty warm again for you. I just spent the afternoon with little Gwyn at our home this time. I'm pooped and ready for dinner, too.

    1. I agree Deb....she is beautiful!
      Glad you spent the day with miss deserve it!♥️
      I know what you mean about being pooped....imagine...we used to look after ALL of our kids!
      Ahhhhhh....the good old days!

  3. Those cardinals are so beautiful!
    Really looking forward to your posts from Florida, somewhere I've never been.

    1. Excellent Jessica...will not disappoint!

  4. You have the best birds around there. I love those cardinal photos, what beautiful birds they are.

  5. Lucky you to have so many beautiful cardinals in your yard! Lucky you to be getting away from all the cold an snow. And. Lucky you to be vacationing in Florida and enjoying the beautiful views. I'm sure it will warm up a bit by then. Snow coming tomorrow and Monday for us.

    1. We had very gusty winds last night....and is pretty much the same...
      You are so right....I am a!

  6. You really do take the best photos Linda! Hope that you enjoy your Adirondack's in Florida!! xx

    1. Will do Amy.....I will sit there every day....and think of all my peeps!♥️

  7. I do agree that Florida will feel wonderful even if unseasonably cool! I'm sure you can't wait. Just to walk anywhere bare footed will feel amazing! We had sun today...which was nice streaming through the window! Still quite cold, though!

    1. You got it Betsy.....and speaking of bare feet...mine are booked for Wednesday for a pampering!

  8. LOVE the pictures of both the female and male cardinal. Aren't they gorgeous?? Florida, here you come...wish I was coming with you!

    1. You have until Thursday to get packed! down, and we'll pick you up! For real!

  9. Fabulous pictures of those cardinals.

  10. how i always love your little bird pictures!!! they're wonderful.
    and it's a good thing i came here now . . .
    because i want spaghetti. and it's too late to make it. besides i had dinner already.
    you just make every darn thing sound SO GOOD.
    a beautiful shot of YOUR chairs! on the beach. soon. it's soon now! XOXO ♥

    1. Thanks Tammy....I can't help myself!
      Have some spaghetti tonight!
      It is soon...isn't it?
      YAY! It is blowing and snowing today!

  11. Soon Ms. V will be able to go with you on vacations! My kids best memories are times spent with my mom and dad at their cabin and likewise, my dad and mom love(d) having the grandkids with them.

    1. Hopefully she will spend more time at the cottage this summer....and have her first Lake swim♥️

  12. Enjoy your southern trip, snowbirds!

    1. Thanks Deb.....stay tuned for breathtaking sunsets!

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Candice!
      Glad that you are back commenting♥️

  14. You know what? I couldn't figure out why your posts weren't coming up on my blogrolls. But then I looked at Followers and don't see me on there. I thought I was. But I must not have been. I will be after this.

    Lovely blog. It's refreshing to come here.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Thanks Happy......
      Glad you are along for the ride....
      Lots of nice people here...

    2. I see that. Wonderful. And it's one of the things I love about blogging.

    3. But wait, I'm confused. I joined today but my little Wonder Woman potato head isn't showing.


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