Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bits & Bobs From My Week........

   Thought about my week...

   Been forcing myself to take more pictures...

   Just because we can't be reason not to...right??? we go...

   Starting at the top...

1.    Tea with some fresh berries and yogurt
2.    Tuesday's Blizzard
3.    Ironed up one of my embroidered tablecloths
4.    Put it on the kitchen table
5.    My cat...enjoying a Sun puddle
6.    More evidence of the flower lady
7.    My favorite visitor ♥️♥️♥️
8.    Big juicy Strawberries
9.    All prepared and joined by a few blackberries
10.  Still waiting for the thaw
11.  Candles last Friday night
12.  Easter cactus blooming a wee bit early
13.  Sweet glass bird from my friend D
14.  Christmas Cactus blooming late
15.  Pears and Avacadoes ripening

       Just a small glimpse into my week...

       Hope you all had a great one...anything to share?


     On the menu tonight...

        Oven roasted crispy Ocean perch filets
             Fries....bok choy...brussell sprouts
                 Side Ceasar Salad with fresh crispy radishes...**wink **Betsy!

            Enjoy your evening...

                     Cheers!  :o)

                    ps....there is a light snow falling....geesh! 


  1. Replies
    1. was a surprise blooming!

  2. Berries are my favourite fruits..did you save any for me?
    WHAT? Oh, well....hope you can see my sad face.
    Jane x

    1. Me too, Jane....I have a bowl a day!
      Don't have a sad face....there is plenty♥️

  3. I love berries . Looks like a pretty quiet week this week for you . Next week more spring like weather for us WOOHOO !!! about time lol Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . supper sounds good ! Have a good day !

    1. Quiet.....but very always!
      Hoping for a drive to the cottage tomorrow...hopefully some melting!

  4. I see Miss V is growing her hair. Very cute. I love this post full of pretty photos. Is it you, Linda, that collects shoe ornaments? I read a blog post of someone mentioning that a while back. I thought that was rather a unique thing to do. :) We had snow here today, too. Tonight it is above freezing. Wonderful. I don't have to worry about the feral kitties freezing anymore this year hopefully. Have a great evening. Hugs, Deb

    1. Yes...and yes! Hahaha!
      Hoping this weekend is the TRUE beginning of Spring....
      Enjoy your weekend....

  5. LOVE the blue glass, or should I say, SALTS!! Gorgeous pics, as always!

    1. of my MOST favorite friends gave it to me♥️

  6. And I spy a kalanchoe in a kitty!! I love all of your different views of your week. xx

    1. Good eye Amy!
      It was the week that was......
      And week! I deep or what?

  7. unbelievable COLORS !!! some of my favorites! lime green. fuchsia. golden yellow
    so beautiful!
    I liked your week.
    more please!
    xo ♥

    1. Now,now week at a time!

    2. LOLOL!
      yes. i do get carried away. and i'm apparently greedy. hee hee.

    3. AND that is why I ♥️ you so much!

  8. What a pleasant week. Each picture had a story of it's own. Beautiful flowers, and those little personal touches you give your treasures. I love a ironed tablecloth on a table. And Miss V's profile is so cute and the hair is growing. What a pretty color.
    I had errands and some visits to the rest home for my friends, so put chicken thighs in the crock pot w/BBQ sauce, some Boston Baked beans, and some shredded zucchini and carrots sauted in a little butter. Kitchen is clean, and fresh coffee on.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely week.
    Sending hugs and smiles.

    1. Thanks always say such nice things!
      I have never done thighs in the slow cooker....very interesting!
      Looks like you had a busy day...feels good, eh?

    2. I seasoned them with rosemary salt, garlic, pepper and browned them in a little olive oil. Let them cook, and then added the BBQ sauce when I got home. They are so tender they just fell off the bone.

    3. opps...meant to say let them cook in the crock pot several hours till I got home.

    4. Thanks boyfriend LOVES chicken thighs!
      We do them skinless...less fat!
      They sure sound "fall off the bone"....will give them a try! Thanks♥️You're a doll!

  9. You had lots of colour in your week, except for the snow. I shovelled the back deck off today and added to the 5 foot pile of snow behind it. It had better start warming up soon is all I can say. Is that a Kalanchoe in the cat planter?

    1. We won't talk about the snow! You are the one who got whacked again!
      Yes it is.....a mini!

  10. Lovely images! So much vibrant colour in them. And I love that beautiful little baby girl with her cookie. How sweet :)


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