Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Snippets Of Saturday Night Dinner Party.......

Had some friends over for dinner with us on Saturday night....

It was a beautiful Full Moon...

Everyone was full of news, as we had not seen each other since January...

We had been to Florida for a month...

And they had been to Costa Rico for a relax....

The table was set with various green  items...just for fun!

Purchased the green flowers from my floral daughter...

All was set and ready...

took the pics before adding tealights!!

Dinner was....

Corned beef....lazy cabbage rolls..(so much better than just plain cabbage)

Roasted sliced Yams...Asparagus with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese....

Dessert was simple mixed fresh berries...ice cream...drizzle of butterscotch...


everyone had a great time...

Especially my friend D....

Who REALLY liked the green earrings I got her!!!


There you have it...

Dinner party was great...

Especially our time spent with the people   ♥️♥️♥️


What are you all up to today??

Sunny.......but still cold....freezing rain moving in for tomorrow...YIKES!!!

And....the first day of Spring only 2 days away! 


I have been to the grocery store....

Love that Asparagus season is still here!

Have spaghettti sauce simmering on the stove...


2 banana/fruit loaves in the oven...

One with blackberries...and one with blueberries and strawberries...

                           Smells yummy in here!

Fed the birds...think I'll have a cup of tea  ♥️


On the menu tonight...

         Crispy roasted Rainbow Trout filets...

             Fresh asparagus....Wild Rice....Loaded Spinach Salad to start...

Hope you all had a great day....

enjoy your evening...

                         Cheers!   :o)


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Cool beans.

  2. Your centerpiece is so pretty. I'm guessing that they are mums. Oh yum, that meal looks good. I've always loved cabbage rolls and have many different recipes. You've got me thinking I need to make them again. So you host a dinner AND GIVE OUT GIFTS? You sound like the best hostess ever. ;-) Glad you had a good time. Fingers crossed we don't get that d**m snow that is apparently heading our way. Hugs, Deb

    1. Yes....Mums...3 different kinds...
      I make the lazy cabbage rolls...is that what you make?
      Not really gifts....just cheesy earrings from the $ store! hahaha!

    2. Oh....I forgot to add...D brought me a b'day gift....a wee aqua blue glass bird♥️
      Thanks D!

  3. You... "had some friends for dinner on Saturday night" YIKES!!
    I read further..."dinner party was great, especially the people".
    Did the green earrings give you indigestion?
    I'm beginning to worry about you!
    Jane x

    1. Oh Jane....you crack me up....did some editing...on your behalf!!!

    2. Phew! I know it was a full moon and all....but!
      Jane x

  4. Love the table decorations in green ... my favourite colour ... and yummy food.
    The flowers were gorgeous, can't wait to see some in the garden.

    1. Oh....sure.....bring that up! I am thinking very late Spring this year.....like.....REALLY late. :o(

  5. What a fun and darling party...table looks so inviting and fun. The menu was yummy, and I need a whak on the head... I could have had cabbage rolls instead of plain cabbage. OK next time. The dinner plates full of food just make me drool..

    Giving my dearest some comfort food from our childhood tonight...meatloaf and scalloped potatoes and peas.

    Sending love and smiles

    1. I make the lazy ones...just layer the cabbage,rice and meat...tastes just as delicious♥️
      I made scalloped potatoes last night...I think they are my very favorite!

  6. Your table looks so fun and green and dinner looks delicious. Love the green earrings. :) I think I'll add asparagus to my list for tomorrow too. A taste of spring. Your weather is heading here tomorrow night and Thursday. Maybe more rain to melt the snow. One can hope. :)

    1. I paid $1.99/lb today....delish!
      Hope the storm ends up being nothing......except rain!

  7. Oh its still quite chilly here in Michigan, but we are happy for the sun! :) What am I up to? Today I slid around on the ice on our new pond in our front yard with one of my kiddos. (The snow is all melting-finally!) I snuggled and napped with my little ones. I washed, folded, and put away lots of laundry. I braided girls hair. I made caprese pasta with chicken. I wiped lots of noses, cheeks, hands, and butts. I picked up books, toys, shoes, and coats. I looked for a new couch on Craigslist. I did the dishes a few times. I listened to a radio program about the universe. I read this here blog of yours. I put some lavender oil in my diffuser.
    I wasted some time on Pinterest. I talked to my aunt who lives far away. I cleaned the toilet. I hugged my hubby for a while... Now I am going on a date to the thrift store with my oldest. My days sure are full! I love it.

    1. Well......long time no hear Sylvie!
      Thanks for putting us all to shame with YOUR busy day! Hahaha!
      Reminds me of when I was your age....with my 3 kiddies....always busy!♥️
      Enjoy your week......

    2. Haha, didn't mean to be putting anyone to shame! Though I thoroughly enjoy these little ones, I do long for calmer days ahead. :)
      Thank you Linda, enjoy your week as well!

  8. good lord.
    when are you going to open a restaurant?
    i'll come.
    of course i'll have to take a bus a train two planes and a taxi to get there.
    but i'll come.
    xo ♥

    1. NEVER......but you are welcome anytime, Tammy. ♥️

  9. Looks and sounds like all had a good time and YUMMY food ! Wonderful photos . It was a sunny warm day here today the temps hit +7 . Robins are chirping and chasing each other around , Spring is in the air for sure ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Yes....the meal was delicious...if I may say so myself!
      Nice and sunny here as well....wonder what we will get tomorrow?
      Enjoy your week.......

  10. I have been buying asparagus and zipping it up with my foodsaver so I can freeze it. Asparagus is one of my favouritres.

    1. I found when I froze it....it got all mushy! How about you?

    2. It needs to be blanched first. :-)

    3. Too much work for me, Birdie!
      I'll just buy it when it is cheap......

  11. Hang in there. Soon it will be green outside too :)

  12. I bought more asparagus, too! It's so nice, thin, fresh and cheap! I hate it when the season is over and the price triples.

    Your little dinner there looks delightful! Yummy food, pretty table and nice company!

    1. Yes....nothing better,eh?
      We had a great time...I will miss them VERY much when they move to B.C....:o(

  13. That sounds like fun and looks delicious.
    We had Reuben sandwiches a week or so ago, but nothing on the day.
    Not even Irish soda bread.
    So sad.
    Not even a green milkshake.

  14. I can attest - the dinner was delicious!!! Company was awesome, too! LOVE those green earrings!

  15. Oh Linda I've missed so many of your posts! I need to come for dinner, I love asparagus!


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