Monday, 16 June 2014

Father's Day At The Cottage.......

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Celebrating Father's Day...

With your favorite Dad Papa, or boyfriend...♥️

The fun began...the minute...

Miss V arrived!

She REALLY loves the cottage...

All that open space to run around!!! 

Isn't this the most perfect shot??
With Uncle Ryan...aka "RyRy"

Daughter Erika and son Ryan...

Exploring the beach with Auntie Lissa...and colouring...

 I finally got a pic of Miss V in the thrifty hand knit sweater I got her....isn't it a lovely colour???   and it only cost me $1.50!!!   Can you believe that??? The wool cost more than that...and all their knitting time....I love it on her...has buttons down the front!!  {here she was fascinated with the heater!!}

  As you can see the weather was on the chilly side....but, we always manage to find a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind...

We had to eat dinner inside, as it was too WINDY on the sunporch...

My daughter Lissa brought gluten-free vegetable lasagna, I made gluten-free pasta salad...bean salad...and ceasar Salad...we had warm crusty bread and thoroughly enjoyed each others company!!

No pics of son in law Jeff and Ryans girlfriend Anna....perhaps Ryan got a few of the rest of us!!!

Dad, Papa and boyfriend was spoiled rotten...plenty of great gifts....shorts, shorts, name it!!

One of the best...was this whirly-gig...turtle riding a bike!!!
Gotta love that $ store!!

What a busy weekend that was....

My boyfriend and I stayed at the cottage 'til this morning...

I got a bit more planting done...and a few more things organized...

We will be starting to have weekend guests soon, so I must get everything just right! 


I hope you all had wonderful Father's Day celebrations....

The weekend weather was iffy...kept looking like rain all the time...

Plenty of cloud cover....but also lots of sunny breaks!


I must give a big thank you to Amy over at "Love Made My Home"...
She featured me on her blog, as one of the 5 blogs she loves to visit!!!
Thanks so much Amy...we have been together from the onset of her blog...and boy has she blossomed!!
A lot of her peeps came for a visit, and I thank you all...
Hope to see you all again...and I will visit you....just need some time!!!
Thanks again Amy...very sweet of you..♥️

SO...that was the weekend...but don't worry....lots more pictures to share in the days ahead...

Think we'll have some chicken breasts, roasted potatoes and bok choy for dinner...

      We also need some Greek has been days!!

        Enjoy your evening....

              Cheers!  :o)


  1. Just saw your new post and came over to say Hi
    . . . Glad b/f had a Happy Father's Day
    , , and glad you had your family with little Miss V over to celebrate.

    1. Hi Eddie.....
      Did you have Father's Day in the UK?
      It was a very nice day.....indeed!

    2. Yes we had Father's Day on Sunday, same as your's.
      Saw my Children + spouses and Peter and dod a nice post about it with lots of piccies of Peter.
      Post just before the poem one you have just visited. Thanks for the comment but I'd like you to see that earlier post.
      Glad you had a good day.on F/D

  2. What a fun weekend with that sweetie. Such a doll baby! Oh I could sit by the sea for hours.

    1. It was a great weekend!
      This is Lake of the 5 Great Lakes...looks like the sea,eh?

  3. You have a beautiful family, Linda. I love that perfect photo of V. So cute.

    1. Why thank you Miss Deb♥️
      I think so! Ha!
      She is a doll.....

  4. Your Father's Day weekend sounds absolutely perfect! Miss V sure is growing up fast! She's lost the baby look and is a big girl now! I can almost hear Ryan saying, "Hold still for ONE second so I can take a picture!" haha.

    1. Thanks Betsy!
      Yes...he tries his best!
      He sent me one where she had the corn broom, and was slapping everything!
      She will be 2 in a month....time flies!

  5. The cats allowed Daddy Chris a nap on Sunday afternoon.
    What was with the weather Saturday?!
    Jane x

    1. Tell me about it!
      It was supposed to be warmer....but we made the best of it!
      At least it wasn't raining!

  6. My dad passed near Father's Day almost 27 years ago. His only grandson was born hours after he left us but we CELEBRATE that day for my nephew rather than the loss of our father/grandfather. An Asian friend once told me ... when a spirit leaves this world it passes the knowledge and wisdom it gained while here to a new spirit entering the world. I like to think that my nephew has that gift from my dad. LOVED the pictures of your family and the celebration. LOVE living on the Great Lakes ... they are so beautiful this time of the year ;-) Linda

    1. Lovely story Linda♥️
      I love the great Lakes as well....

  7. happy father's day to your was a busy week and weekend ; but in the end it all got done and many great things were celebrated, including Father's day ...lovely pics and that sweater is gorgeous,,,love the color.


    1. thanks Marisa....glad you also had a great weekend...

  8. Yes, that is the most perfect Granddaughter shot! It looks and sounds like a perfect weekend.

    1. It is...and it was....thanks Patricia!

  9. what a wonderful beautiful weekend!
    every picture delightful.
    i'm so happy for you cc girl.

    1. Oh Tammy....only you can possible understand....
      Thanks for being such a lovely friend...
      So glad we found each other!

  10. That is one gorgeous sweater you got for Miss V, and such a bargain. Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend, as we did. It's trying hard to rain here ... the containers are still saturated from the last rain fall ... so this one can bypass us if it so chooses!

    1. Thanks Linda......we are having incredible wind right now....

  11. Love your new header photo. It's gorgeous. I agree that the photo of Miss V is perfect. So cute!! And a sweet little sweater too. Sounds like a nice time together even if chilly. Much like Sunday was here too. Rain coming tonight and tomorrow then a cool down. xo Pam

    1. Thanks Pam....I took that pic yesterday...the last of the white Peonies...
      Lots of pink to show you.....
      The sweater is sweet,eh?

  12. Hi Linda!
    Whew it looks like and sounds like the "season" is in full swing in your neck of the woods. Miss V is just oo adorable. It sure looks like she has lots of "playmates" lol...

    The weather was iffy here for a few days and then all of a sudden we got a "heat wave" of sorts. The humidity is nearly unbearable! I'm not compaining mind you after that Winter, I wouldn't dream of it!

    Congrats on the feature and thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend!!!


    1. Yup.....aunts and uncles in full force!
      Heat wave here as well.....YIPPEE!

  13. Wanted to say, Love the new header, Linda

    1. Why thanks Eddie...took that yesterday.....

  14. Linda your boyfriend look so well:)
    BUt come on come to see again Mr. V. I saw the pictures twice and I love how you dressed her! isnt she cute??
    The most cute thing I seen in many times:))
    I love all these pics! Thanks by a nice time :)

    1. Hi Gloria....yes, my boyfriend looks darn good! Hahaha!
      Miss V gets all dressed up by her Mommy...can't take credit for that....but....I did buy that vintage sweater.....and she looks adorable in it!
      I always enjoy your visits Gloria♥️

    2. Thanks she is adorable:)
      Make my day:)

  15. Looks like a great weekend Linda, love the new turtle whirly gig!! Very cute indeed, but not as cute as Miss V travelling with a whole suitcase of her things by the looks of it. Glad that you liked the mention, thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit you too! xx

  16. Hahaha!
    I brought that from home, with a few toys! Colouring book and crayons....
    She enjoyed pulling it around!


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