Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Saturday Flowers...Clouds....Guests...Rainbow♥️

As I may have mentioned...

We had guests for a sleepover at the cottage on Saturday...

I got busy early, and put together a few arrangements with my handsome Hydrangeas...

Added a few Hosta flowers as well...as they were in abundance!

I love the steel container my boyfriend found at the thrift shop...

Perfect with a vase inside...

I will get a lot of use out of that...


This was my very first crop of tomatoes...

They're a mix of orange, yellow and red...very sweet and delicious!

Devon suggested adding them to the Greek Salad...

They were perfect!!

There were a lot of clouds that day...

Luckily enough...

Just a sprinkle of rain...

We all stayed on the deck...under one of the big cantilever umberellas...til the clouds passed!!

Before they arrived...

I was fussing about inside...

Took a few pics of myself...


Didn't even have to fuzzy this one up, Tammy!!!!

It was already fuzzy!!

Just the way I like it!

We spent the afternoon on the beach deck...

Chatting...laughing...being silly!!

And...of course...a few cocktails and snacks!!

Devon would not let me take a picture of her face...

I just took a pic of Mark's hairy chin!!!

Mark was kind enough to split some logs for us...we were gonna have a fire...if it got too chilly...but...we didn't need to!

We did eat inside though...as it was really windy...

Enjoyed BBQ chicken thighs...baked taters...corn on the cob...and greek salad...


We were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow...late afternoon...


After dinner we had a few dances...

Listened to fabulous music...

more cocktails!!

retired to the sunporch...

And we all slept like logs...


                 Hope you are all having a great day...cooler and windy here...

                   Kind of a slow day for me...and I like it!!

                     enjoy your evening....

                                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. Heyy what fun and amazing pictures Linda:)
    But I miss miss V:)
    Love the flowers and the clouds!

  2. Lovely day!
    And I was just sure we'd see your cute legs in those shorts!
    But no toes this time! haha. I bought new flip flops today....so much better!
    Nice tomatoes...after that first bunch, mine have been taking their sweet ol' time!

    1. Love flip flops!
      That is the pink shirt that made the Hydrangea look pink!
      Give them some time...I have some here at home...perhaps eat them tomorrow

  3. That pot looks like it was made for those Hydrangeas, Linda! Perfect find and so versatile too. Just thinking of what can go in it has makes me happy!

    You lucky stiff, you have tomatoes!!! I'm patiently waiting for any of mine to ripen, ASAP!

    Sounds like there was a party going on over there. A fun party at that. Thank goodness it didn't rain but I have a feeling it wouldn't have made any difference anyway, lol I hope you wished on that glorious rainbow! Thanks for sharing, Linda...

    1. It does, doesn't it ~~Louise~~....
      Yours will ripen soon enough...be patient!
      We did have fun...I love those guys!

  4. Now, wait just a minute... whose feet are those? ;) Oh Linda, how I love your hydrangeas. I've got blue ones myself (no joke). A Greek salad... how delicious. If I were a salad, what kind of salad would I be... See, you've turned me into a philosopher. But about those feet...

    1. Boyfriends feet...
      What a treat!

  5. Nice weather . . . .mostly for you and your guests. Great that you managed to be silly . . . . that is essential.
    I could down one of these drinks . . . yum.
    Like the 'pins' sticking out of the shorts . . . . ROFL . . . but we know who they belong to . . . no need to put LSK to identify them . . . lol . I wonder what the S stands for.

    What a lovely room in the cottage.
    Did you have Cottage Pie at the Cottage ? . . . lol
    Cheers ~ Eddie

    1. oops wrong email!
      Also the clouds did look ominous at one stage didn't they? . . . nice rainbow too . . .

    2. I knew Eddie would love your legs!

    3. Ha! Eddie loves everything about me....can you blame him?
      Eddie....the "s" is my middle name...you could guess for a million years and never get it!

    4. Yes, I think you're right! And no, I don't blame him one bit. :)

  6. What a wonderful time!!! Again!!!! I love the new flower bucket, very chic and just perfect for your hydrangeas, it would look nice with some dried ones in later in the year too! Oh, and I love that yellow container sat on your hearth, it is a wonderful colour!!! xx

    1. Oh yes it would look great with dried ones!!
      The yellow is another gift from my daughter...years ago...I usually put fire wood in it!

  7. Lovely to have friends visit and have a wonderful relaxing time. Love the rainbow photos. We had rain overnight, and possibly more today. We were heading out for a little day trip but might postpone it till another day. Saw a big sign for Bibles and Missions thrift store opening in town soon.

    1. It was nice...love having guests!!
      you will love the Bibles for Missions...my very fav thrift shop!
      Let me know if you get anything nice!

  8. We are still waiting for tomatoes to ripen,but we are enjoying beans and cucumbers.
    Love the cloud shots...but they mean cool and rain...neither me or the tomatoes like the cool.
    Jane x

    1. Your tomatoes will be juicy and ripe....very soon!!

  9. Your rainbow shot is so pretty. Lots of fun photos again. I just love the gallery in your cottage. I have something similar in the dining-room; lots of photos of family and friends. I can just feel how much you love your cottage by your pictures and what you write. Hope you have better weather there this coming weekend than what we are getting here. It has rained for 3 days and doesn't look too good for the weekend. Hugs, Deb

    1. I always appreciate your comments, Deb...seems like you really "get" how I feel about the cottage...
      And I love that!
      perhaps we will have spotty showers...let's hope!

  10. LOLOL. oh you little tiny skinny show off! i'm pea green with envy.
    it would take more than fuzzy before I ever get in front of a camera.
    these pics are GLORIOUS! and happy.

    1. hahaha!
      i love to fool you...and make you think I am thin....far from it!
      Let me take your picture Tammy...it works wonders for me! hahaha!

  11. That rainbow was pretty awesome and after only a few drops of rain - how lucky we were! Dinner WAS delicious, for sure! Thanks for a wonderful visit!!

    1. Anytime my friend.....ANYTIME!

  12. Clouds, clouds, luscious clouds! I bet your guests enjoy your spa cottage. Beautiful.


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