Monday, 27 October 2014

Birds....Bugs & Blooms....Bliss

Hope your weekend was great...

Our weather was so/so...


More so...than so!

Seems like every bloom I focused on...

Was sporting a BUG!

My daughter gave me the moccasins below...

She said they were a bit snug on her...


They are perfect for the chillier weather at the cottage...although...I did wear my flip-flops while doing some gardening chores...When the sun came out, it was lovely...we would find a sheltered spot from the wind...but they were few and far between this past weekend...


At home...I was so glad to see these 2 guys the other day...

Well...I should say...1 guy and 1 very pretty lady!!

I had stopped feeding the birds, as Red was becoming a real nuisance...

We threw some peanuts to the Jays and Mrs Cardinal...

Hope they come back...

I will start filling the bird feeders soon...

Have you seen the Winter Birds in your yard yet?

I have been fighting some kind of cold the last week or so...

Not really sure what it is...scratchy throat...runny nose...achey...

I have nearly had enough of it...go away!! I don't want to play anymore...

I do believe a piece of scrumptious Apple Pie Bread is in order...

With a big cup of cinnamon apple tea...♥️ 

Now ...doesn't that look delicious??


Recipe can be found in the post search...

If you make some...

Let me know...

You won't be sorry...


Hope you all had a great weekend...

Was Sunny most of the day today...chilly...clouds now moving in...

We are expecting a Thunderstorm overnite and tomorrow...

Going to be quite balmy tomorrow...20*c!!!

I have a pot of soup on the stove...first time making it...

Found it on Pinterest...I could just get lost over there! hahaha!

Will tell you more about it tomorrow...

We are having crispy baked chicken thighs...roasted yams and Zucchini

With a Ceasar Salad...yummy!

What's cookin' in your kitchen??

Enjoy the rest of your day..

             Cheers!  :o)


  1. Hi Linda - love your photos today. The moccasin one is really pretty. And the! That is so cute. I was at the lot today and filled the feeders for the local birds (not sure what they are yet, probably the same as where we presently live) and hung an apple for the squirrels. I saw a chickadee the other day so picked up food they especially like and now I hope to see them often at the lot. I think I will check out that apple recipe. It looks scrumpdillyishus from here. :))) Tomorrow it looks like we will be having the same weather. Lots of sun and +20. Good thing as the building continues. Thanks for asking about the retired-guy and Kane. Both are doing better. Have a great evening, Deb

    1. Hey Deb....
      No rain for you?
      Glad both men are healing!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the blue jay and the cardinal. I put out the sunflower silo this morning and there hasn't been one bird at it. We saw a blue jay in the tree but that's it. Nothing. I don't know where all the birds have gone. The nyjer feeder has been out all summer and was well visited until about 10 days ago then all the finches left. They stayed all last winter. There aren't even any mourning doves around and they were always here all year round. Chickadees must be in hiding and I hope they come back. You still have lots of flowers in bloom there. Your yard and gardens are more sheltered than were I live, plus it's warmer there. We finally saw the sun this afternoon and it was beautiful although the wind was wicked and cold. I searched for the apple pie bread recipe and couldn't find it. Have a cozy evening.

    1. Post dated Oct 15 2012.....
      The birds will come...don't worry!
      Enjoy your week."..

  3. Those moccasins look comfy and warm, perfect for the chilly evenings and mornings we are having. Yes, I'm noticing lots of bugs too, saw a praying mantis a couple of days ago. That apple pie bread looks so-o-o--o delicious and apple cinnamon tea is one of my faves. Hope you shake of that germ bug you have, nothing worse than feeling tired and achy. We had the kids all day, it was a PA Day and they haven't been by in the past couple of weeks ... too busy with swimming, birthday parties, outings and more on the weekends lately. Winter birds are back - nuthatches, juncos, more chickadees, jays, cardinals ... all wanted food, peanuts and home made suet.

    1. They were lovely and cosy...for sure!
      Good for you...pitching in with the grands!

  4. Cute cardinal. You see... squirrels really are a pain!!

    1. Oh I know that Jessica!
      RED is a pain in the A$$!

  5. you can have whatever you want for dinner.
    i will never understand why cake makers want the light as air cakes...
    give me a rich heavy moist cake like this one every. single. time.
    now THAT'S a cake!
    and the pictures are lovely too. especially MRS cardinal! only your toes are missing in the new gorgeous header. did you know that?

    1. Hahaha!
      Oh would LOVE this cake...also a big favorite of my boyfriends!
      You like the new header? I shall do another with the toes!
      Enjoy your week....

  6. You always make me hungry when you discuss your dinners! It all sounds great and the cake is making me want something sweet! Isn't Pinterest wonderful?

    Love your photos today, the jay is darling. We don't have a great deal of winter birds in our yard, more so at the lake. I also stopped feeding the birds as I was attracting a lot of "house sparrows" which actually drive away the other varieties. Makes me a little sad to have to do that. They would eat all the seed in the feeder in under an hour!

    We are going to get very cold as the week goes on. Brrrrr...would love to hear about your soup!

    Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane....
      Thanks so much....I do enjoy cooking....and eating!
      Sparrows do that...they also flick the seed everywhere....I will start feeding soon...We are cooling down this weekend....
      Stay tuned for the soup!

  7. I think that cake will chase that nasty cold way!!! Yum!

    1. You got that right Laurie!
      And the tea.....
      How you doing?

  8. Oh WOW ! still lots of blooms where you are , all my gardens are now bare except for my knock out rose bush which is still blooming and growing ! I have moccasin slippers to I love them . Our winter birds of blue jays and Chickadees have been back for a few weeks now and our Cardinals stay all year Robins are still here and I am waiting for the Juncos to arrive . We still have bugs hanging around out there to lady bugs have been hording the side of the house getting the warmth of the sun in the day . Oh the apple pie cake looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Yes...the cottage had lots of Mums....and the Cranesbill geranium was a surprise!
      I brought all my Geraniums and sound!
      Make some !

  9. Great set of photos Linda . . . bugs and all . .
    That apple pie bread looks sinfully delicious . . . . very mouth watering . .

    I am off to the opera tomorrow in London with my daughter and son in law as my birthday present . . . Mozart's Marriage of Figaro. Fortunately sung in English as I do not speak much German . . .
    It is quite cold here. Betsy says it was 85 degrees in Ohio . . . wonderful. What is it like there? . . .

    I did not eat as well as you . . . but maybe tomorrow night ~ we are staying in a hotel . . . then next day training it back to Bath . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Hope you have a wonderful night out with exciting!
      Take pictures!

  10. I love your Apple Pie Bread. I even have some Apple Pie Spice waiting in my kitchen cabinet from when I tried the recipe. Smells so yummy!
    Love your buggy blooms and feathered friends.

    1. Excellent!
      I love...that you love my buggy blooms and feathered friends♥️

  11. I can almost smell that bread! Yum!
    I had sun and a nice warm day to putter outside with the potted plants. Brought in my favorites and hope they last the winter. They got cleaned up and some fresh potting soil on top, so they look happy for now. I hear rain is in our forecast soon!

    Cute moccasins! Love those!

    1. It is good, isn't it?
      Next week.....Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Bread......
      Waiting for the rain.....
      Glad you brought a few friends inside♥️

  12. You were visited by a cardinal! Jealous! What food to you put out to attract them, Linda? I am hoping to see one on our next visit to Ottawa.
    Love the red leaves on your header. xx

    1. Hahaha!
      Peanuts in the shell and black oil sunflower seeds will do the trick!
      When are you coming North?

  13. Apple pie bread???? Oh my gosh, that is brilliant.

    Hoping you feel all the way better soon. Sucks being sick.

  14. Lots still going on in your garden too, Linda...It can never last long enough for me:) Haven't seen ANY birds lately. Don't know what's up!

    Nice Mocs, I sure could use a new pair. My daughter's foot is way bigger than mine, lol...

    That apple pie bread looks yummy. I'm heading down to the farm stand for apples as soon as I can get away for a minute. (roofers still roofing:) Hope yu're feeling better, Linda. That soup should do the job!

    Thanks so much for sharing...

    1. Hi ~~Louise~~...
      My daughter is always very generous with me...when something doesn't fit her properly..SHY GIVES THEM TO ME!
      Sweet deal,eh?
      Having the soup tonight....can't wait!

  15. Bugs on blooms - beautiful! The bread look scrumptious. Wish I could pop over and taste some :(

  16. I love your new header! So perfect for this season. I also love your moccasins! One of my favourite types of shoes. And WOW that apple pie bread....nom nom nom... :) Wonderful series of photos. Your par the world is beautiful.

  17. Hi Martha....
    Yes...I do agree....moccasins rock!

  18. nom on the pie bread and those lil' birds look delightful! Our birds are preparing to travel down south, the cold is coming!

    1. Hi Dez!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Cold is coming here too....:o(

  19. Drooling over the apple pie bread - looks so moist. Cardinals are my favourite. Does yours flirt with you like Betsy's does? :-)

    1. It is sooooo good!
      I must make 2 next time....and freeze one....think I'll make Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake soon!
      No....I think Betsy has a way with the animal kingdom....she is special!


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