Monday, 3 November 2014

Today At The Cottage......

As it was a nice sunny day...

We decided to take a drive to the dear old cottage...

In MY new wheels.....

Did some odds and ends...

Took some pictures and left!

It was considerably chillier down there...

About 5 degrees cooler than at home... you can see....the relentless wind...geesh!!

Hope to still squeeze in an overniter soon...

Before she goes to sleep for the Winter...

Hope you all had a great day...

How is the weather where you live??

I can hear the wind howling outside...

Another storm coming in...

Oh well...what are you gonna do???

Think we'll have some chicken soup I made on the weekend... 

A nice easy night on the cook  ♥️

Speaking of the cook...check out her her new wheels!!

Pretty spiffy, eh??

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Cheers!   :o)


  1. First commenter!!! Love the new ride! Your bf looks after you!

    1. He sure does!
      But....I am worth it♥️
      How are you doing?

  2. What is that fluffy thing? We don't have them where I live. When we were on holidays I saw them but never did find out what they were. I came to the conclusion they are where fairies are born.

    1. Oh commented on it on my post last week!
      It is the Native Milkweed....none in BC?

  3. Nice wheels . . . . brooom! brooom!
    Bet yer like driving that one . . .

    I can see the weather is getting harsher and the winds making the lake choppy.
    Roll on the summer . . . I think I shall hibernate . . .

    Love that milkweed but I amazed it does not get blown away . . .

    It's getting colder here too . . . brrr!
    , , , and we have no furnace . . . just central heating which I have not switched on yet . . .

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Do you mean vroom vroom.....or zoom zoom.....or am I a witch on my broom? Hahaha!
      I will follow the milkweed....the brown things are the seeds.....they were blowing in the wind today for sure!
      Hibernate? See you in the Spring!
      We have our furnace on here at home....
      Weather is up and down.....

    2. Ah yes I believe the in term is vroom vroom.
      I shall have to wait until next Halloween to see you on your broom broom . . . . . lol
      I ♥ that car . . .

  4. I do like your new wheels!
    And your new footwear. Too cold for flip flops at the beach now.
    Sure is pretty in autumn. So sad that I never made the journey.
    Our weather was sunny for most of the day, a little brisk, but not too bad.

    1. Yes.....I heard you were cranky!
      Maybe next season Martha....

  5. Love your new wheels, Linda! And your blog header. What wonderful images today. I love that you add your feet in your photographs :)

    1. Thank you.....thank you..... car is awesome, to say the least...
      Just the thing for an old codger!
      I love taking pics of my much fun!

  6. Love your new wheels! I liked your reply to Devon. I agree, you're worth it, glad you have such a great attitude! No new wheels here, but I can't complain because my BF cooked dinner tonight. Chicken stir fry on a bed of baby spinach, very yummy. Have a good week, LK.

    1. Oh're the best!
      A BF who cooks......very sexy!
      Lucky you......
      You have a great week too Hester.....

  7. We've had two days of beautiful sunshine...wish I could send you some! One more day of the nice stuff and then rain and cooler temps.

    Love the car...beautiful!

    1. We had sun...but the wind at the lake was pretty chilly....
      Rain for us too...:o(
      Yes.....the car♥️

  8. Love the header Linda, and the shoes and the new wheels, oh heck all of those shots are GREAT! Is that Ganzia still blooming??? My milkweek is flying all over the place. I did manage to capture some for seeds though:) Chicken soup sounds just perfect!

    Thanks for all the shares, Linda...

    1. Yes indeedy ~~Louise~~.....still blooming!
      I keep thinking I should bring it inside!
      Enjoy your week.....

  9. Love the choppy lake and the fall pics. Favourite time of year. Nice to see the sun the last few days. I am going out for a late walk... I think I might need to hunt up my gloves. Great wheels!

  10. The views down to the lake are lovely but the water looks cold. I'm sure you will get a few more visits to the cottage before the white stuff is here.

    1. I sure hope so Linda....
      How u doing?

  11. Glad to see that the village is still there. It is all looking very autumnal now isn't it. Your new wheels are rather wonderful aren't they!! xx

    1. Yes they are....just like me!!! hahaha!

  12. Nice wheels fancy shmancy lol ! Lovely photos it was a nice day here to yesterday but today it is windy and rainy and just plain YUK ! Home made chicken soup sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. is CRAP!
      It was pretty chilly there yesterday....

  13. Love the new ride. Does she have a name?


Oh...I do love anonymous comments allowed...and you know who you are....