Thursday, 9 April 2015

Something Wonderful Found........♥️

While looking thru my photos this morning...

I came across something rather exciting...

I had taken these in Florida...

And had completely forgotten about them... 

So happy I found these...

This Journal, was a gift from my daughter Lissa for Christmas...

I had intended to actually start keeping a Journal...of things...

Had not quite decided what those "things" would be...

Perhaps my thoughts...inspirations...revelations...{really??}

A Journal of my Garden at the cottage...

To keep track of where I plant things...

Things I move around the garden...{where did I plant those Hydrangeas?}

Or a record of my day to day musings...

New things I would like to try...

Things I want to sew for the house...cottage...Miss V...


I packed the Journal to take with me on my vacation to the beach...

Thinking perhaps I would keep track of things we like in our area...

Great meals out...{best burgers}

Super deals at the grocery store...{buy 1..get 1 free}

Strange sights along the trip down...


Nothing was entered into the Journal...

But....I did come across it one rainy afternoon...

And thought it would be a perfect backdrop for a pair of new earrings...

I had purchased these for my Birthday...

My boyfriend has gotten into the {bad} habit...

Of letting me pick out my own gift while on vacation...

Nice of him...but I would really prefer something that HE picked out...

Know what I mean???   { of course you do}


I picked these Starfish earrings...

With a pretty stone in the middle...a local stone...

Guess I should have kept the tag, as I don't remember the name...  

The whole purpose...was to highlight my beautiful Journal...

Isn't it just the prettiest thing? 


I put it to good use...

I think I will start this weekend...

As it will be our first sleepover at the cottage for 2015...

I must put it in my overnite bag... {have to make a note to do that}

Sounds like a great start...don't you agree?? 

I am really happy that I came across these photos...

Thanks for the beautiful Journal, Lissa  ♥️

I hope you enjoy them...♥️

I hope you are all having a great day...

Another wet,gloomy,cold,foggy day here...

We are expecting a torrential rain this evening...

Then...supposed to warm up tomorrow...YAY!!


I am thinking Meatloaf for dinner...smashed potatoes with peppercorn gravy...fresh green beans...

A comfort warm our bones...

Perhaps a fire this is cold!!!

Right now, I am enjoying a big hot mug of Tea...

With a slice of my Sour Cream/Buttermilk coffee cake...

With a crunchy brown sugar/cinnamon/pecan topping...

What is going on at your place???

Enjoying the weather...or cursing it???

Any big plans for the weekend???

Do tell... you like my new font???

Or do you prefer the old font???

Don't be afraid to tell me....ok??

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                   Cheers!   :o)



  1. That's is really beautiful, a journal Ilove it!
    I have a little notebook or copybook and sometimes at night I lovIe write my thougts, some prayers too,I love to make that when Im in bed.:)
    And yours pictures are absolutely lovely!
    And I dont have still what Im going to make for dinner!

    1. Oh Gloria...that sounds perfect! A nice thing to do at the end of the day...
      perhaps that is what I will do...put it in my bedside table...

    2. Yes for me is the perfect time of the day:)

  2. For my birthday gift I made an Etsy list of things that I would love. Guess what? Chris bought me something from the list. I got what I really wanted,and Chris made the choice. Can't lose! Love your earrings..lapis lazuli?
    Raining here too..and cold,but not for long!
    Jane x

    1. Can't remember the name Jane...silly of me...

  3. I came here this afternoon but got called away.
    What a beautiful journal and the photos are lovely ~ glad you found them . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Thanks so much...
      Me too!

  4. I love MB's art..and the journal is no exception.I keep journals:)
    I love writing in them..I have watercolor travel ones..and thoughts one..
    And a garden one..etc..
    Once you won't stop.
    I bought Lucas a journal from Indigo..and I asked him to write in it for me..I showed him mine when we went to Europe..
    I hope he keeps it's homework..I have him write it all in French and eventually we will correct..he has added drawings:)

    I just bought 3 at Amazon..diaries.. w/ locks:) for 3 of them..the Littles.
    Do you remember?
    I had a diary .I love my lock and much as I loved my autograph book..wish I still had them!

    You made me smile about the gift..we don't exchange gifts..but while we were in Fl..2 girls were in a cottage near ours..and I loved the necklaces they were we of my fave shops in Venice Fl..POSH..

    They had some but only one for yr round use here..but it said Love You To The Moon and Back..Well I couldn't buy myself that:) I have given my girls bracelets w/ that though..Anyway..I walked out..Jacques was waiting outside..and he said ;"nothing?"..I said ..blabla bla..

    anyways one day..going to get groceries and gas..he went back and got it..and gave it to me for my bday in Feb:)
    Love it.
    Your earrings are adorable.
    My holes are so low after all these yrs..I can only wear pearl studs..or clip ons:(
    Crisp clear pics!
    Artistic writing your daughter has:)

    1. Oh I bet those watercolor ones are gorgeous!
      i still have my diary...with a lock and address phone book...and an autograph book from my youth!!
      Not many autographs tho...tee hee hee! Just a few from very local bands...
      What a lovely thing for your Jacques to do...he sounds like a real sweetheart...
      I am in February as much in common Monique!!
      My "holes" are just fine!!! All 4 of them!!
      Yes...Lissa is a beautiful writer...with a very artistic side...
      Enjoy your evening...

    2. lol..I had five at one point..

    3. Holes or journals? Hahaha!

  5. i kept a journal for years and years. i think it was the one thing that gave me stability and a comforting continuity through all the years of moving.
    and such a beautiful one she gave you! there's the inspiration right there! mine were simply three hole notebooks. but you know what...
    even at that... sometimes i get the longing to just sit quietly and put pen to paper. there's nothing quite like it.
    and lissa's writing is just like here mother's ... SO beautiful and artistic! XOXO♥

    1. A beautiful gift , ehTammy?
      i sincerely will try and put it to good use...

  6. HERE mother's? LOL.
    ' her ' mother's.
    probably why i used notebooks. didn't want to cross through errors like that in a beautiful book! LOL.

  7. The stones are abalone shell. Beautiful earrings! I love MB things...her art with all of it's flowers and birds is perfect!
    The journal is lovely, even if you don't write in it, it can sit out and make you smile just like it is!
    Some times I like picking out my own gifts but surprises are nice, too! Maybe next year he'll get something early and pack it to travel down to Florida with you. But if your man is like mine, he wouldn't think that far ahead. haha.

    1. Ha!! I always make him a Valentines card, with a small gift, and pack that!
      i doubt that he would ever do that....he does buy me lovely Christmas gifts, though...
      I think it is a lovely journal...and a very thoughtful gift...

    2. Of course you do....because that's what we organized ladies do! ha.

    3. So true Betsy....but a surprise would be nice!

  8. I like the font but it could be a little darker.

    The journal is beautiful. So are the earrings. :-)

    1. Yes Birdie...I should be darker...when I did a preview, I thought that...but ws too lazy to retype the whole post...ha1
      I will fix it for the next post...
      Yes...they are both beautiful!!

  9. What a pretty journal.I always love anything my girls buy me.. Good taste, you know. :) Lissa has very
    pretty writing. Your thoughts and inspirations? I thought your blog was for that. haha! Just kidding. I used to keep a journal years ago but now I don't even know where it is. Hope whoever finds it doesn't die from boredom. ;-) It has been snowing and raining all day. The weekend sounds hopeful. I can't wait to get my hands in some dirt. Your font is nice. Enjoy your evening, Linda. Hugs

    1. When I was preparing theost, I thought the same thing Deb!
      But....I do keep some things a secret! And the journal would be the best place for those things!
      I am sure your journal was wonderful, you are such a great author! And so funny... too! To fill that urge, I bought a bag of miracle gro soil pamper my house plants!
      Have a great weekend....

  10. I adore coffee cake - but alas, there is some serious dieting going on around here.
    The journal is beautiful - birds are my passion! I have been given several journals, and I am not good at using them. I hope you enjoy it, and you might inspire me too :) The earrings are gorgeous, and beautifully photographed beside a real star-fish. You are wonderfully artistic, Linda.
    Re the font: I also find it a bit pale, and difficult for my old eyes to read. Otherwise, I like it.

    1. Actually Patricia...this one is very low fat....really!
      Well....thanks for the kind glad I found these pics!
      I just knew all my sweet peeps would enjoy it!
      Yes....I will fix the font.....I couldn't figure out how to change it once posted!

  11. I love journals and yours is absolutely perfect.
    The earrings are very cute. I love starfish.
    The weather is dark and gloomy but warmer. Yesterday felt too wintery. Today was better.
    I am looking forward to sunshine and green grass.
    (Yes, I do want summer to arrive on time.)

    1. Thanks Martha.....I do hope I start making some entries in it!
      Today was really cold and windy....
      The cottage has winds to 107km/hr predicted......YIKES,
      Hopefully no trees come down!
      Summer will be fab-u-lous!

  12. I like your new font, spring like! Lovely earrings and that journal is beautiful! Its nasty here, cold and windy!

    1. Here too!
      You could pain those birds.......

  13. Hmm...the coffee cake looks yummy, the earrings are funky and the journal will inspire you, although this blog is also very journal-like, don't you think? Enjoy the sleep over at the cottage. We'll be visitng D's sister and family in Collingwood and some friends will be here for brunch on the other day, so a nice weekend for all.

    1. Yes and I said, I do keep some things close to my heart....
      I love to share my photos here....and a peek into my life....I am a great pretender!
      Your weekend sounds great...enjoy!
      Is the sun shining next week? Put the coffee on!

    2. Yup, we are all pretenders in many ways, keeps us sane! Hoping for sun and coffee, great combo! :) Enjoy and take care...

    3. You know me too well, Hester....

  14. What a lovely journal and the earrings are nice, too!
    Spent the day at the golf course, of all things. First a lesson on putting and then much practice, then lunch on the patio and off to the driving range to see if I could actually the ball....and I could!

    1. You would be a great golfer.....and.....what a great way to meet people!
      Does Mark golf?

  15. Everything here says, "beauty." I know what you mean about picking out your own gift - it's not the same. maybe he'll rethink it. (smile)

    1. At this stage of the game, I very much doubt it, Dixie!
      Such is life....I really can't complain....
      That is what I should put in my journal..........COMPLAINTS!.........
      Geesh....even I wouldn't want to read that! Hahaha!
      Have a great weekend!

  16. What a beautiful journal - the birds are gorgeous. I have been given journals or purchased them over the years but I never use them. Don't want to mess them up, I guess, but I love having them. And I'm not sure I want the potential of people reading my personal thoughts. They might never recover! :-)
    Opening night tonight for a production I have been working on - went very well. We indulged in an odd combination of drinks, pastries, popcorn and pretzels at the post-reception and then headed out to the Queen Mother Café where we shared wine, calamari, cold Vietnamese rolls and fries. When we were in between the theatre and the restaurant there was a ton of thunder and lightning - I loved it!
    I actually prefer serif fonts to sans serif fonts so I do like your new one... but, for me, the typeface is difficult to read with grey on white. Just my two cents worth!
    That coffee cake looks sooooooooooooo good!

    1. Seems like a lot of gals are guilty of this!
      Love the journals....but no entries!
      I hope to do this......oh boy......hope!
      What aspect are you involved this production Suzanne?
      There is that perfect blog material again......just sayin'......hahaha!
      I agree with the font being too pale.....I would like to get it the same colour as in the sidebar.....
      Back to the drawing board!
      Have a great weekend....
      Miss V being dropped off very soon!

    2. Publicist/Writer/Editor - a Suzanne-of-all-trades - ha!

    3. Also seems to me that you have changed the colour or size of the font and/or background colour in the comments section? I am finding it hard to discern, but could just be me.

  17. Cake looks yummy..

    new font bit difficult to read.. :-(

    1. Welcome.....
      The cake is very tasty.....and surprisingly light!
      Will fix the font, next post!

  18. Lissa's gift is beautiful. I have a serious weakness for journals... when I was MUCH younger, I kept them. Now, I just collect them. Seems the older I've gotten the less I want to give credence to the angst of life... cause we all know there is angst. But, I still keep collecting those pretty little journals. Ha! You will have to share if you do or don't. ;)

    Exciting to have your first sleepover of the year. I am looking forward to visiting the cottage. =)
    blessings ~ tanna
    ps yep, I like that font.

    1. Will keep everyone posted on my progress.....or lack of it! Hahaha!
      I guess this will be your first Summer at my precious cottage....
      I am sure you will find it very quaint! like the font? Good....I will make it darker....
      Enjoy your weekend....
      First sleepover.....YAY!
      Miss V for sleepover here tonight....YAY!
      Sleepover weekend coming up!

  19. It's Friday and the blustery wind is blowing from the North here in Traverse City, Michigan! Weekend's promise is 60 degree temps so THIS girl will be outside doing WHATEVER she can to enjoy the (much) warmer temps than we've had lately. Still feeding the birds and hubby put up the wind chimes ... they are FLYING around in the breeze but love their sound. Heading up to my quilting room to sew a little and listen to some music with a good cuppa tea. Dinner tonight for us is what you had last night ... meatloaf with potatoes and a veggie ... mixed berries with some cream for dessert. YUM! Enjoy your stay at the cottage ... LOVE the journal. I've kept one (off and on) for more than 35 years ... it is fun to look back at what I've written, felt, promised and realized as I've grown. Highly recommend journaling to everyone ... Linda

    1. Have a great weekend Linda......

  20. The earrings are beautiful aren't they!!! What a lovely gift. I hope that you find lots of great things to record in your lovely journal! xx

    1. Nothing yet Amy......I must decide on a theme.....hmmm...

  21. The journal is pretty and I think you should take it to the cottage and document the weather and garden and barbecues and bonfires over the next seasons there in it. (how's that for a sentence!) The earrings are very pretty and I do like starfish for jewellery and decor too. I don't journal. I have over the years but never kept at it. It's cold and freezing drizzle here but starting to warm up as the afternoon passes so it will be nice on the weekend. I like your font although it's a bit difficult to read as it's pale and small. I hope you don't mind my criticism of it. I have noticed a few blogger changing over to it and find it tricky to read but it's better than white on a black background, which really boggles my eyeballs. Enjoy the weekend and don't forget to take your journal with you and use it. :)

    1. That is a great idea Pam.....but I already do that at the cottage!
      I have put the font back to normal.....
      Took the journal....didn't use it........YET!


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