Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Weekend....Part 3...Saved The Best For Last♥️

The day started out beautifully...

Breakfast on the and crumpets with my Peach Jam...

Miss V and her Mom arrived around 11:30am...

Miss v stayed with me...My boyfriend and Erika went to town...

We headed down to the beach, with her snappy water shoes I bought her!!

After a workout of throwing stones...

Filling the bucket with stones...

And finding 2 pieces of beach glass...

Miss V and I settled on the beach deck...

Under the umbrella...

Apple slices and grapes...

Nice cold drink...

Waiting for Mommy and Papa to return...

To say the least...

It was very low key...

Relaxing in the warm weekend weather...

And no darn wind!!

Erika and Miss V posed in the new hammock...

It is very wiggly!!

Uncle Ryan got in...that was hilarious!! pictures..:o(

My son-in-law Jeff was kept very busy!!

He installed a Bee House that he and Lissa gave me...

Such a cool idea!! It is to be removed in the Fall...

Hopefuly we get lots of Bees!!

He also assembled the shelving unit for the kitchen, that I had purchased at IKEA...

Thanks Jeff!!

Auntie Lissa and Miss V had fun playing hide-and-seek in the towels on the line...

Lissa and Jeff also brought me this HUGE basket of gorgeous yellow Begonias!!

And a new bird feeder... promised to be "Red Proof"...I brought it home!!

So good...he cannot get into it!!

Ryan and Anna brought me this gorgeous tin planter...

Bird feeder and gardening gloves...

All..a beautiful shade of Aqua...

Love these!!

Unfortunately no pictures of them this trip...

Too busy having fun!!

Erika and Miss V donated to the Humane Society in my name...

To feed newborn kittens...

How sweet is that?

My favorite boyfriend gave me a supply of my perfume...and assorted goodies from their products...

I was spoiled rotten...

Didn't even have to cook!!

They all brought lots of snackies to munch on...

They all went home, and my boyfriend and I went to the local Fish Restaurant for a delicious meal...

The best of all...

Erika took this pic of Miss V...

Napping in Nana and Papas cottage bed...

She was thrilled!!

And...she got the nap in, before her Aunts and Uncles arrived♥️

Hope you are all having a great day...

Rather chilly here...and of course sun...blah!!

We took Miss V out for lunch to Swiss Chalet...

She had chicken and fries and sauce!!  Very happy about that!! I am getting this post done...

               Enjoy the rest of your day...

                           Cheers!  :o)


  1. A perfect weekend, I'd say....and look at that haul! Lucky you!
    I know I keep saying it,but can Miss V possibly be any cuter!

    1. Sorry, my fingers are not behaving today.
      It's Jane x not Jan!

    2. That's ok!
      Lucky me is right!
      She gets cuter every darn time I see her!

  2. Those are snappy water shoes, alright! And donating to feed newborn kittens is so sweet. Snappy and sweet. How about that?

    1. Hi Blue!
      Sounds perfect to me!
      You are so deep.....
      I love it!

    2. Did you know that deep and shallow go hand in hand? Like love and hate? Does that make me multi-layered? ;)

    3. Hi Blue...
      Yes...and that is a good thing!!
      Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Great family, lotta goodies, but I would have settled for the Peach Jam... That's the way I am.

  4. Aww lovely pics!
    lovely miss V of course!
    And I love Clinic:)
    Nice you had a really lovely time:))

  5. A perfect does not get any better.
    Someone I met today..said invite all your friends..bla bla bla..I said my friends are my family:)
    You know what I mean..The BEST of friends.

    So many cute things to comment about..:)

    A friend a long long time ago wore Aromatics Elixir..I am trying to remember fresh!

    I miss Allure..Neiges.. Lily Of The Valley..;)
    I'll get some one day!
    Isn't she just precious sleeping?
    I so love the you need both homes?:)
    I think I would just move to the water.
    Lovely gifts..lovely family:)

    1. Yes...fresh....I have been wearing it for 30 years...people always ask me what I am wearing!
      Sometimes....they ask me to write down the name for them!
      You are so right Monique...who better than family?
      I love that photo of her sleeping♥️
      We thought about tearing down the cottage, and build a brand new house, and move there...
      We even had a builder out, and looked into some was not to be....
      A wee bit too remote for us....and the Lake can be a monster in Winter...
      We love it for what it is...a 3 season get away....

    2. And you are right;)
      A getaway place is great..
      I used to have a sign for our little getaway place..that a local artist made..

      she has made a few for here..and there..
      For there it said :Away From It All..
      I gave it back to her when we sold ..

      This makes you enjoy it even more..and I love the old charm.

    3. Absolutely!!
      Have a great weekend Monique!

  6. I love when clinique give a gift:))))

  7. Beautiful weekend photos and lovely Mother's Day gifts and memories. The weather looks great too! Enjoy your evening.

    1. Yes it it!
      You have a good evening too!

  8. Beautiful weekend and lovely photos and glad they spoiled you something rotten . . . you deserve it . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie.....
      Well said....:o)

    2. Ah! I should've known... Eddie's here too. Hi Eddie!

  9. What a special weekend. Just loved all the pictures, and need to scroll up and down to see them again. Your have a beautiful family. Your gifts are lovely...Mother's Day is so nice...I got a bottle of my favorite perfume ~ Te'sor from Lamcomb. Those are the kinds of gifts that make a gal feel good.

    1. I love getting my perfume too!
      Wish I had gotten a few photos of my time!
      Aren't my gals beautiful?

  10. So happy to be blessed with wonderful weather for Mother's Day weekend!
    We couldn't have asked for anything better.
    Love your Miss V stories.
    You really were spoiled for the weekend.
    I hope you loved every minute of it!

    1. That is for sure, Martha!
      I sure did!

  11. What a beautiful weekend...loved all the photos. Just hanging out and enjoying the day....and such nice gifts!
    Love each one of them....beautiful begonias...I'm enjoying my little yellow one! Clinique is always their quality! And you didn't have to cook! Perfect!

    So the bee house...I've never heard of supplies bees for your yard?

    1. Thanks Betsy....yes, it was quite cooking! YAY!
      Loved all my gifts....great kids and boyfriend♥️
      The bee a pollen bee house....supposed to help the flowers, by pollination....
      Not bumble it....I need to read the pamphlet again! Hahaha!

  12. Oh that breakfast looks wonderful. Perfect setting, perfect food.
    And as always, your pictures are glorious.

    1. Hi Sandra....
      You staying out of trouble?

  13. Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend had by all ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. oh... thoughts tumbling. will make no sense probably.
    i love Erika's hair. that's how i would like to wear mine. LOVE IT.
    and can't get over how both girls look so much like YOU!
    and that's the sweetest baby in the world. except she's growing too fast. tell her to slow down please.
    and you should be spoiled. all the meals you cook.. the gorgeousness you create...
    and your last reply to my comment cracked me up. yes. i need to learn to express myself. LOLOLOL!!!!
    i do fine with my new 'lifestyle' of eating til i come here. and see your food. even when it's simple. i want it.

    1. She has worn it like that for a long time! I like it blonder....
      Lissa has the best hair of us...thick!
      You think they look like me? Awesome!
      Glad you are sticking to your guns!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. got mixed up. erika's hair is how i wear mine... only shorter! LOL. and OLDER!!! LOLOL.
      it's lissa's bob that i love! kind of like a short phrennie fisher. have you ever watched that series?
      it's a mystery filmed in australia... set int he 20's. VERY stylish. i hope i spelled phrennie right. it's pronounced fry-nee. it's GREAT!

    3. Lissa has great hair...great neckline...beautiful!
      Have never seen that one...I think you have mentioned that before!

  15. Well aren't you treasured? And rightly so! What wonderful gifts - creative and thoughtful. Love the aqua ones, but they are all wonderful. Miss V is getting so tall. Love her water shoes and love the pic of her napping. Aw! What a beautiful family you have. Hey - I need a handyman... please send Jeff my way. :-)

    1. Hahaha! least on Mothers Day!
      I will tell Jeff....he is a sweetie!

  16. We put up that exact same bee house today! :-)

  17. Sounds like the perfect weekend! And you made out like a bandit on Mother's Day -- nice swag!

    1. That's me...the bandit! hahaha!

  18. Wowie. A wonderful weekend at the cottage for sure! So warm too!!!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Yes...we have a long weekend this weekend...should be warm again!

  19. I've told you a million times you have a beautiful family. :))) Now, about that peach jam. Homemade? You and I could be besties. haha!

    1. Of course homemade! easy as pie...freezer jam!
      I thought we were besties??? hahaha!

    2. oooops! thanks about the family♥️

  20. Yes, I agree, you saved the best for last! Your photos of your lovely family, gifts, flowers and everything else made me smile. You're probably headed to the cottage soon for the long weekend, should be nice weather, hopefully. Take care and enjoy...

    1. Thanks Hester...
      Leaving in the morning...making chili...vegetarian and with meat!
      Hopefully have a full house down there on Sunday...
      You have a great long weekend too!

  21. Have a wonderful holiday! Weather is supposed to be nice in Northern Michigan this weekend so hopefully over your way, too! I also wear that perfume ... LOVE IT!! A little goes a long way, too! LOVED all the pictures ... you are a fabulous photographer, Linda! Be well and enjoy! Linda


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