Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Welcoming Fall In The Garden.....

When we got home...after picking up Miss V...she wanted to play in Nana's front garden...I have no grass...just plants, and a few stone paths...she loves it out here..."like being in a forest", she said♥️...

I immediately saw a photo op!!! What else is new, eh??

The Mums are putting on a great show...
And my pumpkin looks right at home 
with the Frogs...

And...the cutest pumpkin of them all... 

She is napping right now...and then we have promised a bike ride and a ride to the park...and who could ask for more beautiful weather...

                               For the first day of Autumn??

Hope you are all having a great day...
 And enjoying this fabulous weather...

We will be having a birthday dinner for my daughter Erika...
Her birthday is actually tomorrow...
Miss V has made her a special card...
And picked out a fabulous present for her...(this will make you giggle...for sure!!)
We have cake and candles...oh what fun!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. your mums and pumpkin are perfect!!
    Happy birthday to your daughter enjoy this beautiful first day of Autumn!!!

    1. Same to you Laurie! This is beautiful!

  2. Roger Whittaker.A Perfect Day~
    That's your day!
    She is a dear lil' pumpkin..your mums are so beautiful!
    Have fun tonight!

    1. Thanks Monique.....will do!
      Beautiful weather there??

    2. The best... well.. like yours not THE know what I mean:)

    3. It was actually HOT here today....oh wait...maybe that was just me having a flash! Hahaha!

  3. I adore Fall mums! I'm really looking forward to the gift reveal!
    Jane x

  4. Birthday parties, family, grandkids...Life is good, Linda. Your yard is just bursting with fall colors....the mums delicious.. Miss V growing like a weed, but as pretty as any flower God has ever created. Love your bright orange pumpkin, and froggy is cute too.

    We will be heading to Lake Tahoe in a week and will pass by the old Pumpkin Patch I visited for years to bet my pumpkins and gourds. Can't wait to bring some home.

    You know that cereal in the bottom of the bag that just becomes crumbs. Well we had Special K with almond flakes, so I'm going to try something. Gonna put them in the food processor and then see what Special K almond will take crusted on tilapia. You never know it you don't experiment right. If it tastes like cereal...I'll pour milk on it and serve it in a bowl....HaHaHa.

    Sending hugs.

    1. Thanks for your kind words are a dear♥️
      I used to use Corn Flakes on chicken...I think it will be delish! Let me know!

  5. Your fall mums are gorgeous! What beautiful variegated colours they are! We took Eli and Liam for a long walk and visited 2 playgrounds this morning. Ewan was at school. Liam had a nap in the Chariot and Eli scooted on his Strider bike all the way. It's a gorgeous day here. Flying home tomorrow. :( Enjoy the birthday celebration with Erika tonight. Hugs. Pam

    1. I am very pleased with them, Pam....hopefully I will plant them after they are done....sometimes they come back....
      You must be so happy to be with your daughter and 3 grandsons...too bad they live so far away :o(
      Safe flight!

  6. Beautiful shots of the Mums . . . all lovely.
    Like the shot of jungle girl . . .
    Happy birthday to Erika . . . :)
    Peter day tomorrow . . . Rosa getting a little less grumpy and a lot more aware of things around her . . . she'll be playing chess soon . . lol :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Miss V had a very full day....we are pooped!
      Enjoy Peter!
      How about a new post?

    2. Yes, working on a new post ~ internet down last night hence comment this morning.
      Peter is a dream today . . . . and so funny!!

  7. Pretty mums. I bought two huge ones that are not open yet and I have no idea what colour they are. I like the surprise of it all. :) Hoping for white or yellow.
    Miss V sure has fun at nana's. Hope you have a fun birthday dinner and celebration with your beautiful daughter. Hugs

  8. I love those mums....gorgeous!
    We are having that same perfectly beautiful fall, love it!
    Auction for me tomorrow...and an early bedtime tonight!

  9. Gorgeous mums in every shade - love 'em! And my first pumpkin sighting of the season. They are catching on in Australia now - goody! Until a couple of years ago I had only seen them in America. Look at the cute little fairy in your garden :)

  10. Happy Birthday to Erika!!!! The mums are beautiful! Yummy looking jam. Last year I made oodles!!! I still need to make some for Christmas gifts.
    Miss ya

  11. Beautiful fall flower pics . . .
    Loved the steps, orange and frogs . . .
    The Little Miss V imp too . . .

  12. It's been autumn here for awhile now, and I flippin' love it.

    Happy Happy Fall.

  13. Linda - it doesn't get any better than your blog - my favorite everything!

  14. What a feast of mum colours - gorgeous. I love the frogs overseeing the pumpkins! Miss V is such a cute-nik.
    I was at a funeral today, but it was a very wonderful celebration of a life well lived... and the chapel, and surrounding gardens and tombstones, were so beautiful in today's sunshine.

  15. Your pictures almost make me want to like another fall.


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