Tuesday, 13 October 2015

"Let Me Tell 'Ya 'Bout The Birds & The Bees....& The Flowers & The Trees...."

When I met my boyfriend at the cottage last Thursday...It was actually a pretty darn nice day!
The sun was shining...
The birds were singing...
And I grabbed my camera, and went for a garden stroll...
Why is it that the Wasps are so darn pesky in the Fall???
Seems... as soon as you sit down, they are buzzing around your ears...
Can be very unnerving to hear that sound!
And tons of ladybugs...the biting kind!!

When we first bought the cottage...18 years ago...I planted a lot of Perennial Mums in the gardens...
A lot of them have disappeared over the years...
But the ones that remain...
Always put on a brilliant show for us...
There are still quite a few in bud, so hopefully more beautiful colours to come...
It seems to me, that the garden Mums you buy now, do not return the following year...
Wonder why?? 
Aren't the Peachy ones gorgeous?? 

This beautiful fellow below...I found out, after an exhausting search...is a Hickory Tussock Caterpillar...apparently poisonous...YIKES!!...also cause skin rashes...YIKES!!...they feed on Hickory, Walnuts and Oak trees...Hope I don't see another one of these!

this is one of the 2 baby squirrels at the cottage...
Does that look like a Walnut to you??
Not sure where the Walnut trees are around the cottage area...but we do have Chestnut trees and Oak trees...
Perhaps he is importing the Walnuts...
And next year...
We will have a Walnut tree! 
For those pesky Caterpillars...

Thursday did turn out to be the best of the 3 days...
As you can see...
I donned my shorts and flipflops, to enjoy the late afternoon Sun ♥️
No jokes about the flabby legs!! ha!
On Friday afternoon, we sat on the deck, and listened to the Blue Jays game on the radio...Just like my boyfriend did with his Dad and brother, many years ago...but, they were listening to the Yankees mostly...no Blue Jays back then...
We have no cable at the cottage, so it brought back many memories for my boyfriend...it was nice to hear the stories...♥️

I will have more pictures from the cottage...some nice water scenes...and our first indoor fire of the Fall...hopefully many more still to come! Gosh...I LOVE a fire...inside or out...you??

Hope you all had a great weekend...as you know it was Thanksgiving here in Canada...and we had a great time! Lots of good food...laughs...reminiscing..loved it all...even the prep and clean up!! hahaha!
Have a few pics of that to share as well... 

Mix of sun and clouds here...cooler temps...breezy...rain expected...

I have a huge pot of Turkey soup bubbling on the stove...YUM!!

I think we are going out to eat tonight...my son is visiting...
A night off for the cook!!

As a footnote...
Our Toronto Blue Jays came back to win the 2 games in Austin Texas...
They are back in town...and play the 5th game here on Wednesday...
Against the Rangers...
How wonderful that would be if they won, and moved on...
Fingers crossed....ok?? 
Toronto is a HUGE sports city...fans would be in HEAVEN!!

Think I'll go and make a cup of Elderberry Echinacea Tea...
With a sliced Honey Crispin Apple...Sound good??
My crochet may end up in my lap as well...
Still tired from the weekend...:o)

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday. You are so right about those crazy wasps and lady bugs ---- EVERYWHERE!! Have a terrific week :-)

    1. Yes...I agree!
      Got the laundry done yesterday! Hahaha!
      Boyfriend out to see customers....MY DAY !

  2. We had saturday lovely..at M's but a nip in the air..Sunday a bit gloomy..walk in the woods day..yesterday..Monday..100F in the sun on the deck..spent almost 3hrs at the football field..in my HUNTER boots.I was melting.

    It was gorgeous..

    I wish I wore shorts..I think since I am 30 I stopped;)
    Oh well..

    You captured the squirrel so well..Jacques and I hate them;) Too many here Linda!

    Never saw that caterpilar before..and I would have never known poisonous....

    We were again invaded with those asian ladybugs ..and wasps..yes those ladies..bite.and stink when squished.

    It's the heat that brought them out..files too!

    Enjoy dinner out:)

    1. I wear shorts when I can...but they have to be the right length! I have a few that are OLD !
      You had a great weekend too....ahhh...life is good!
      Except for the darn bugs!

  3. Ladybugs can bite? I don't think we have those in western Canada. At least I hope not! I've never known a ladybug to bite.

    GO JAYS!

    1. YES Debra! They are nasty little things!
      GO JAYS GO!

  4. Hi Linda! I enjoyed all your beautiful photos from the cottage. It looks lovely there and the flowers are so pretty still. Yes, those tussock caterpillars are really bad ones and should not be touched. Yikes. I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend for Thanksgiving. We did too and the weather was half and half. Go Jays!! (even though I'm not a sports fan) :)

    1. Yes...my baskets are still pretty good...but I think this might be their last weekend :o(...temps are dropping again!
      Luckily I only took his picture....didn't touch him....if I see him again...I shall show no mercy!
      GO JAYS GO!

  5. Bitey ladybirds are just wrong! I've seen the bada** caterpillar here too...glad I didn't touch it!
    Jane x

  6. And the moonup above And a thing called LoVE...now that song will be in my head the rest of the day:)

    Happy Thanksgiving, albeit a few days late, lol...

    Looks like you still have some blooming going on by you Linda. Me too. What an interesting caterpillar. The only kind I've been seeing on my daily walks around here are the woolies. If folklore is any indication, according to everyone I've seen, it's going to be a mild Winter. (fingers crossed)

    I find the garden mums I planted eons ago always come back but the newer varieties that you buy just can't seem to make it. Why oh why???

    As for that squirrel, sure does look like a walnut to me, lol...Perhaps you will be having baby walnut trees and more baby squirrels. Better you than me, the few I have left play havoc with the bird feeders.

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Linda...they re simply lovely. Haven't gone on Vaca yet but, California here I come!!!

    1. Hey ~~Louise~~!
      Nice to hear from you.....hope you are well...enjoy your vacation!

  7. Awesome shot of the squirrel! That should be in a magazine! So cool!

    I didn't know those caterpillars were poisonous! I remember carrying those around when I was a kid...geesh!

    1. Thanks! I spied him from the deck, and zoomed in! Came out pretty good!
      You were lucky....

  8. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend at the cottage . I to love a fire inside or out love the smell of wood smoke and the sound of crackling kindling . This past weekend weather here was amazing . I have a few flowers still in bloom here to but not for long as we may be getting frost sometime this week ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Hope to get back out there on Friday...need yo protect my geraniums and begonias!

  9. I'miss hoping for more good weather this Thursday so Deborah and I can go on another excursion.
    Love your cottage photos again.

    1. Have a great time....you deserve it!

  10. You know as a little girl I recall thinking that caterpillar were poisonous and then as I grew up I laughed at myself and my kids always picked them up. It has only been the past couple weeks that it has come to my attention that they can be poisonous after all. Yikes.
    Your flowers are beautiful. How lucky we are to still have blooms into October.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I agree it is time for dinner out. Mind you I am always up for that.

    1. Hi Lori....
      Yes...still lots in bloom here, but frost is in the forecast for end of the week...:o(
      Must bring in a few plants!

  11. Love this post !! I love the squirrel is cute :)
    and the flowers look amazing!! hugs!! xo

  12. Lovely! Yes you are so right !!! Those pesky ladybugs are finding their way in our sunroom....
    Mr.W vacuumed them up and up. Very busy for us here yesterday. Taking it easy today!!
    Made Turkey vegetable soup with the leftovers for tonights dinner.

    1. Love turkey soup! Will have mine tomorrow!

  13. Gosh you have a lot of pests in Canada ~ biting ladybirds . . . they are much more gentile here, and of course we share wasps but I have not seen many here this year ~ perhaps they are holidaying in Canada . . lol
    Good for the Blue Jays . .
    Beautiful and razor sharp photos, as ever and you post an interesting commentary . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie!
      Yes, but only biters in the Fall it seems!
      Yes, the Blue a Jays are awesome! Game tomorrow!

  14. Lovely photos, as usual! Glad you're still pumped for our beloved Blue Jays, feeling anxious about tomorrow's game. Nice that you were out with your son. We had homemade chili and steamed brussel sprouts. Oh wait, you didn't ask what's cooking in our kitchens, dear Linda, ha, ha.

    1. Hahaha! Oh Hester...you are too funny!
      GO JAYS GO!!

  15. Beautiful shots - love the squirrel one.
    Sounds like you had a great feasting weekend with family. I rallied a little on Sunday but back in bed the last few days. Haven't had "real" food in a couple weeks. Urgh.
    Today is the day for the Jays!!! Loved your story about sitting listening to the game with your bf and his memories. Those moments are special.

    1. Yes...I liked those stories too Suzanne...always something new to hear, eh?
      Hope you are feeling better...soon...geesh!

      GO JAYS GO!!

  16. Beautiful birds and bees and bugs!!! Sounds as though you had an idyllic weekend with your boyfriend! I reckon that squirrel is importing things, we have trouble with the squirrel in our garden importing things. xx

    1. HI Amy...
      It was a very nice weekend...indeed!
      I am not crazy about squirrels either...but...what are you gonna do, eh??
      enjoy your week...


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